Poetry thoughts

The Consonance.

Frozen like snow

she looked though

the weather being hot.


Hard as iron

she seemed to be

the  structure being fragile.


Ferocious as a lion

she  appeared to be the

the countenance felt that way


Crafty as a fox

she held herself to be

deceptive of her real self.


Could these semblance

take the cue in a resonance

being in great consonance.







Monotony Poetry scenario

The Fall of leaves And Snow.

The leaves fall in autumn

makes the trees bare.

The snow falls in winter

makes one stare.

The rustle of leaves

and the spread they do

the  sheet of ice

and the wonderful scenario

give a  natural sequence

one that of a  yellowish attire

spreads charm and warmth.

Pure with a delinquency

seems the whitish  fleece

remember the land  has a choice

its  facelifts with a tweeze

knows that monotony is drab

only  colour adds to the glow leaves

this quality renders a love

yellow that of a pleasure

while white lends a purity

that be so with  the  earth  not alone

stretches to all elements in a tone.

blessed desperate Poetry skate. Wish

To See Snow.

I like to see the snow

and espy its vastness

white it lies  all around

fluffy it looks in the course

enchanting it is to me

as I find in  the pictures

fascinating it could be

if I see them in real.

The snow is cold  and pure

a skate  through the smooth layers

would be a refreshing glide in a slide

a whisk and a whizz through the snow

could be an experience in itself

as a child wanted to make snowballs

the wish is unfulfilled till this time

Would I see snow before I die?

Desperate I am to experience the snow fall

Know not why I have this sensitive call?

Snow, its whiteness holds me spellbound

its softness makes me wonder

this sheet of ice could be so marvellous

fortunate are those who live in snowclad mountains

deem myself to be blessed less from the rest

as I live away, far away from the lovely snow.snow clad mountains

deliberation foe. migrate Poetry

The Sun And The Snow

The snow falls

 causing a slippery floss

a slide so lovely at the cross

 very much die to see the snow toss.

 I have seen only the sun’s rays

causing an itchy trace

that scorches and heats up with a brace

die to migrate in any case.

The snowy storms rebels

a blizzard that forces a  stumble.

The sun glares and glitches

a perspiration that ditches.

Would the snow be better?

 or would it fetter?

Would the sun be best?

 or would put you to test?

I deliberate for long

sun and snow as I am a belong

where sunlight  stays long

as the warmth extends a belong.

I decide not to move

as the not so kind  sun proves

a better counterpart to snow

Well! Sun would never be my foe.


The Back Door Walks In

A cold night it was

the family was in a relax

the seven little children in smiles great

after a dinner  with nothing to grumble  in rate

the mother settling her chores in a hurry

the father busy with the dishes all too dreary

the eldest one playing “Clash of clan” happily

the next three playing with lego sweetly
while the youngest three almost asleep
a friend of the family snoring deep
a noise, very slight from the backyard
then a creak and a screech not too bad
followed by a big thud and bang deafening
the wife stood motionless and quivering
the husband rushed to the spot in panic
while the friend held the children together
the back door moved with a stagger inside
devastated the family stood aghast on all sides
the snow creeped inside slowly and stealthily
the dark night became a nightmare gradually
all nine of them trapped inside the house
with the snow around them creating a chaos

falls Poetry snow

Snow ALL Through

Snow pummels all through

falls in a precipice without a clue

the cold sneaks into the bones

it is killing freeze in tone

know not where the houses stand

 sheets of snow lie there  as strands

a sudden spurt it was  all in a burst

doors and panels all covered with the crust

vehicles have come to a halt and stay

 passengers  are stranded midway 

nothing to drink or munch

could only drink snow as such

the thirst is satiated thus

it is a disbelief in full stretch

whiteness lies in  a wretch

the Federation clasps its fingers in turmoil

redeeming itself is a task requiring toil

the onset of winter is harsh

wicked looks the white snow

disastrous would be the days ahead.

God be with you, Northern America!



The Snow.

The white ball

falling heavily without  previous call 

strikes  death knellimages (58)


The fluffy snow

could kill all in  flow

with severe blow.



All Through.

Snow falling know not I
as I am in a hot country
where I see only the bright sun
almost all through.
At times I see storm and rain
Rain pouring incessantly
flooding the roads
invading the towns
making life impossible.
The sun scorches
all day long
extending a sweat
and a thirst
That be the place
where I lived and live.
all through
my life. snow fall.

Creation Nature Rain thoughts

It was and it is.

It is snowing in the west,

It is sun shine in the far east, 

It is stormy in the top north,

It  is scorching in down south.


Nature has its own way,

Hosting a gale in the bay,

Holding the Sun in a ray,

It has its own say.


Rains play a  terrible havoc,

Initiating an incorrigible flow back,

Quakes shake the  basic track,

Imposing a bloody severe crack.


Storms ravage high and near,

Implicating a casualty dear,

Floods wash up in a rear,

Involving a great fear.


Fire rises in a flaming red,

Installing a feeling dread,

Snow imposes a shred,

Indexing everyone  to a  fled.


Nature goes about thus,

With a lot of fuss,

Provoking a terrifying gush,

Then subduing to a quiet hush.


This had been so for long,

It looks nothing wrong,

It is where we belong,

Much so Nature is a lively song.