blessed desperate Poetry skate. Wish

To See Snow.

I like to see the snow

and espy its vastness

white it lies  all around

fluffy it looks in the course

enchanting it is to me

as I find in  the pictures

fascinating it could be

if I see them in real.

The snow is cold  and pure

a skate  through the smooth layers

would be a refreshing glide in a slide

a whisk and a whizz through the snow

could be an experience in itself

as a child wanted to make snowballs

the wish is unfulfilled till this time

Would I see snow before I die?

Desperate I am to experience the snow fall

Know not why I have this sensitive call?

Snow, its whiteness holds me spellbound

its softness makes me wonder

this sheet of ice could be so marvellous

fortunate are those who live in snowclad mountains

deem myself to be blessed less from the rest

as I live away, far away from the lovely snow.snow clad mountains


A Quixotic Critique

Seen so many places in a short while

each one not different in style

the wish to see more lingers

we go to lands with an eager

with a hope to find more  and more

way of attractions and culture.

Lo!end up with nothing great

the perceptions are at any rate

the most similar in outlook

except for a few nooks

be that of the colour of the race

the languages spoken in a trace

the activities resemble one another

either it is in this pole or the other

the transformation is not so marked

the distinction never reaches the target

yet, I could not quell my thirst

as I undertake tours in jest

finally end up with a fatigue

that is me a quixotic critique



Being A Solace

The huge tree in the corner

with branches big and strong

spreading them in width

elongating in varied lengths

stood majestic and massive

cruising itself to altitudes high.

The branches with leaves dense

bent down unable to bear the weight

almost touching the ground

looked as though they are kissing the land

showing gratitude to the soil

from where they grew.

Having been there for decades together

becoming almost a part of the corner

a familiar loving figure all the more

a home to hundreds of birds and insects

extending a place to rest for passers-by

guarding them from heat and rain.

Serving the people and birds with

no expectation

the tree stands as a symbol of age and honour

living there in the corner with all pride

having seen children playing there

the same kids now grown and tall

having themselves fathered many sons

wishing them all well from its abode.

Not having moved an inch from its place

the tree has seen events and incidents great

there being an intense joy and deep melancholy

running undercurrent in the scroll of human life

being a witness to all the happenings

recording them with mute speculation.

With equal awe and inspiration

the people around get past the tree

nurturing a fear looking at its grandeur

sitting down under her shade at times

recollecting the past and hoping for the future

being a solace and consolation to all at all times.



Ode To A Door.

The wooden door over there
stands for centuries there
it does not look bare
it is one that which is rare.

The wood is known as teak
having everything in sleek
the thickness and rays found greatly
show its  tenacity and beauty  mostly.

The door opens out and closes
with its hinges still in force
creak does it at times
still being  alert all times.

Scenes that took place inside
incidents that happened outside
has the door recorded  with dates
never would it reveal at any rate.

The door is a silent spectator
listening to that transpires now and later
from within and without  be it
never commenting good or bad in a bit.

Doors like human has ears and eyes
and a mouth too but very nice
speaking nothing ill of anyone
preserving its dignity always never for fun.door


Nothing Be There

Nothing there is as much as we imagine

nothing there is as much as we see

nothing there is as much as we hear

nothing there is as much as we feel

there is nothing at all

as time passes into memory

as the impressions fade away

as the scenery gets distempered

as the tale becomes obsolete

as the experience turns outdated

really there is nothing  at all everywhere download (40)

Actions bad good Poem

Good And Bad.

Seeing through the eyes.
Saw lot of things pleasant.
Saw lot of things unwanted
Hearing with the ears.
Heard lot of talk cordial
Heard lot of talk rude.
The good and bad live
in peace andgood and bad serenity
unmindful of the surroundings
It is for us to take
that which is apt.

Actions count Expenses Experience Poem spend

Count And Spend.

Count and spend say the wise.
Spend little save lot say the aged.
One has to live in comfort feel I.
One has to see places think I.
One has to eat well feel I.
One has to buy the necessities feel I.
One cannot count while buying feel I.
One cannot thrive by counting feel I.
One has to spend with ease feel I.
The more you count the more you save
by buying and spending nothing in the wave.
Differing from the wise say I
spend what you want and try
without fear at the least one buy.

count and spend

Actions cause Experience fall Lesson Life observation Poem threat. turmoil

Nothing at All.

sea fightA fight is going on in the sea.
Over an issue as small as a bee.
The gun shots go out in a spree.
Making the less powerful to flee.
The winner sails across the sea.
Reaches his destination in a glee.
Before he could rejoice he turns to see.
Lo! there arises another turmoil brewing up in the sea.