Count The Stars—Allegory

Counting the stars

those in the sky

counting one by one

as  slowly  in a try

counting in a sequence

could be a plausible buy

counting at random

could be a difficult tie

yet I counted  them

as if I am  an astronomer

I counted them

committing not  a misnomer

I counted them

all the more longer

I counted them

with being almost a failure

a reason not to aspire beyond

as they elude like a mirage

a status  being too much high

as always away from the range

a desire too great  in proportion

being all the way an avarice  not strange.








Actions count Expenses Experience Poem spend

Count And Spend.

Count and spend say the wise.
Spend little save lot say the aged.
One has to live in comfort feel I.
One has to see places think I.
One has to eat well feel I.
One has to buy the necessities feel I.
One cannot count while buying feel I.
One cannot thrive by counting feel I.
One has to spend with ease feel I.
The more you count the more you save
by buying and spending nothing in the wave.
Differing from the wise say I
spend what you want and try
without fear at the least one buy.

count and spend

dislikes likes Poem

Likes and Dislikes

likes and dislikesThe likes and dislikes go together.
While the likes are few in the gather.
the dislikes get further
into the deep rather
clinging to the frailties all over
exposing a disenchantment in a fall over
displaying a distaste in a roll over
calling for a strange detachment in the tail over
inducing a morbidity in the start over
exceeding the likes in the numerical count however
concealing the likes with the repeated recounts all so ever
Well, the good gets always trampled in all fronts whatsoever..

Actions Beauty Enlightenment Evolution fresh Interpretation learning Lesson Life style Theory thoughts

The Style.

It is a style of living.

It is a lively visualizing.

It tells a lot of the being.

It is an honorable cruising.


The style gives a count.

It writes up an account.

Tells us about the deals paramount.

That adds up to the surmount.


The style  reveals the person’s  identity.

It portrays the scope of his  individuality. 

It measures the scale of his  virtuosity.

It discerns his  nature with an assiduity.


It is the style that makes a man.

It is the style that calls him a gentleman.

It is the style that hails him  a good human.

It is the style that makes him a creditable man.





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On the Run

The days of youth are fun,

As we are always in the run,

Once we are up on a tree,

We sing aloud in a total free.


The days of adulthood are little less fun,

As  we have to move about in a slower run,

Once we are in the mid tree,

 We deliberate on things not totally free.


The days of mid age are least fun,

As we have to check out our run,

Once  we are on the lower tree,

 We  work on  the responsibilities almost unfree.


The days of old age are never a fun,

As we  have to stop our run,

Once we are beneath the tree,

 We count the days when we would be set free.