The Desert And Its Charm

The long arid desert with nothing

the vast expanse of land without anything

just a stretch of   sand white all the way

could see only the sunlight all the day

might not present a vivid picture

being plain and colourless   in stricture

they too lend a beauty  great

making known to the world  to date

that nothing has a value immense

as it is the starting point in all essence.

With the zero  begins the numerical regime

so with the desert rolls the other teams

that of hills, mountains, ocean, and fertile lands

images (32)synchronizing the world into a place grand.



dislikes likes Poem

Likes and Dislikes

likes and dislikesThe likes and dislikes go together.
While the likes are few in the gather.
the dislikes get further
into the deep rather
clinging to the frailties all over
exposing a disenchantment in a fall over
displaying a distaste in a roll over
calling for a strange detachment in the tail over
inducing a morbidity in the start over
exceeding the likes in the numerical count however
concealing the likes with the repeated recounts all so ever
Well, the good gets always trampled in all fronts whatsoever..