Recipe With Enzymes Indulged

Recipe come across with enzymes indulged
going on to the table ,itself an ornamental presentation
laid with dressing and sophistication
looking sumptuous and lovely
gleaming with glory
the red telling about being hot
the green presenting a freshness
the yellow adding to the sobriety
the white talking about the purity
with the condiments adding to the flavour
the aroma enticing the appetite
with the love to eat and the huger to be appeased
the designs provoke a desire
with that there goes on a healthy, wealthy
with a pronounced grandeur and setting
being a feast to the eyes and to the palate



The Lure Of The Mountains

There be a great mountain

far away and high

towering over the plains

majestic and great.


The mountain is not bewitching as all

splendid it appears in form

amazing it looks in its calm

nothing ostentatious around.


The trees growing high and green

the vegetation expressing a charm

there could find no deviation other

being composed and dignified.


The exhibitory nature there be none

beinmountainsg a proposition of command

striking and stretching in its lure

delivering a scenery of allure.


The massive structure creates an awe

that one of an inspiring dedication.

Great be its composure and fixation.

greatest being its simplicity and depth.


The lovely slopes with grass all over.

The peak seemingly near to the sky

lifts the being to heights definite

leading all to the path of eternity.


The Ride Up The Hill

Walking across the road

took a turn and board

a bus going with full load

by the hills it rode

fast and gleefully in the cold

on  the way it showed

scenario of great  note

greenery on one  fold

on the other the hills rising bold

enraptured on a hold

the passengers as told

remained fascinated  and rolled

as the bus negotiated on bends  and roared bus ride

the experience  was one  of gold


The Desert And Its Charm

The long arid desert with nothing

the vast expanse of land without anything

just a stretch of   sand white all the way

could see only the sunlight all the day

might not present a vivid picture

being plain and colourless   in stricture

they too lend a beauty  great

making known to the world  to date

that nothing has a value immense

as it is the starting point in all essence.

With the zero  begins the numerical regime

so with the desert rolls the other teams

that of hills, mountains, ocean, and fertile lands

images (32)synchronizing the world into a place grand.




A Grand Old Lady.

15024-old-woman-with-a-sore-back-using-a-cane-clipart-by-djartA lady I know
fat and plump she grew
dark and ordinary she looked
but she was hooked
unknowingly in  a young age
by a man not a sage
but who was filled with vices
being faithful in her otherwise in ties
she lived a life with him
bearing his children not dim
all the seven were brought up
she having inherited  wealth topped up
by revenue from her father’s estate
lived a regal life with her husband
who was a tom boyish but grand
a play boy but had status
earned not a single cent
but extended a kindly bent
remaining hospitable all through life
she supporting him in all his strife
while he was down and fallen sick
she nursed him with the loveliest care quick
having lost him now at  the ripe years
she is mostly confined to the chair  with tears
counting her days to get away
having gone through the full circle in a sway.


A Grand Finale.

It seems to be an end

 where nothing has come to a send

everything is in for a bend

perhaps languishing on a lend

Well! that is the trend

as everybody has to fend

which leads to a tend

of utmost care and  mend

closing up with a positive  content.




This might look a  little hazy

as it is not as easy

getting in with a cheesy

adjusting with the crazy

negotiating with a choosy

going on with the lazy

very much after the breezy

sailing with the nosy

ignoring the  racyend of the world

finally concluding in hasty











The Day.

The day with a dawn bright
seems to be set right
with work and toil straight
with care and fear at heights
thinking aloud of the duties first
deliberating how to execute them best
carry on till the fall of dusk.
This being the trend day by day
with one day becoming strenuous
and the other turning out to be of grandeur
the activity of life moves on with credibility
as things happen fast with great incredibility.DawningAge


Scenario Grand.

There they grow in abundance.
There they appear tremendous .
They create a significance
They design a scene harmonious.
While they play a symphony of preference.
Singing with melody.
Dancing with rhythm.symphony
The scenario looks grandiloquent.

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Stinking Rich – Foul Or Fragrant Odor.

stinking richRich and opulent they move.
Rich and dashing they ride.
Rich and grand they live.
Rich and imperious they pose.
Yes, they are stinking rich.

Stinking rich is an idiom different.
An epithet that makes one wonder.
A phrase that resembles an oxymoron.
Altogether a coinage that rings curiosity.
Yes, the phrase smells wrong

Getting into the formation reveals many more.
Rich are termed as dirty with derision.
They are condemned as rotten with hate.
They are shunned as filthy with scorn.
Yes, the terminology sounds right.

The super rich is a euphemism many vouchsafe.
They have bought out their economy analysts deliver
They could afford their own exosphere of luxury stores.
Could not they afford tropospherical taxes?
Yes, it appears weird to witness this breakaway.

It is their hard earning a voice calls.
It is certainly so we nod.
It is not envy or greed that underlines.
It is the thought of society that urges.
Yes, it is a feeling that brings a nostalgia.

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Fine Tuned.

modestyA modest event turned grand.

It was a show of a happy band.

Conducted with chaste austerity.

Relieved of unwanted  inhibitory.

Adhering to principles of discipline.

Breaking the prevalent indiscipline.

Proposing a cordial welcome.

Extending a warm decorum.

Weeding the undesirable associations.

Embracing the  required  convictions.

The hosts conducted a perfect show.

It was a quiet  programme in a flow.

Sequences  took place in a natural mode.

Leaving none bored.