Bask And Bend.

There are people around

who try to bask and bend

who make a life worthy

by talking high of some

speaking of low of others

doing  a lot of lowly task

being a go between

making money out of rumours

gaining place out of squabbles

these be the folk

that come from a lowly breed

who cannot keep their tongue

who allow it to wag

all through the places

with a pungent sarcasm and a sting

Let those tribe increase

as they would hasten the  extinction

both of mankind and the world

promoting violence and tension

as and when the could

proportionate to their ratio

depending on their ability

circumventing their reach.lowly man


The Ride Up The Hill

Walking across the road

took a turn and board

a bus going with full load

by the hills it rode

fast and gleefully in the cold

on  the way it showed

scenario of great  note

greenery on one  fold

on the other the hills rising bold

enraptured on a hold

the passengers as told

remained fascinated  and rolled

as the bus negotiated on bends  and roared bus ride

the experience  was one  of gold

Actions Evolution Experience Interpretation learning Lesson Poem Straight. Theory thoughts travel Truth.

A Straight Road Ahead— An Allegory

straight roadA straight road is ahead.
There seems no turns in the stead.
It is a long stretch ahead
Yes, go straight to the stead.

The way takes you straight.
Exposing nothing in the trait.
It is nothing but straight.
Everything else reflects the trait.

It is monotonous travel right.
Going steady without a flight.
Believe it is a certainty right.
Moving forward without a fight.

Surely, you would reach the destination late.
Nothing to press an acceleration in the slate.
Struggling you achieve the nominations very late.
It is a gradual but slow realization on the slate.

Realizing you get straight to your end.
Crossing the sea of life without a bend.
That is how you have to live up to the end.
Straight in stature without a single bend.

Actions Anger Compassion Experience feelings shame. thoughts

Let Thou Rest In Peace.- Nirbhaya

An untimely ride took her life away.
She went to a movie with her boy friend anyway.
Had she kept her timing right away?
She would not have suffered in the pathway.

Students of Delhi unite to protest.
Their rising put the government to a test.
The Medical world gave her the best.
Yet she died and was put to rest.

The physical injury she experienced was terrifying.
The violent attack on her was horrifying.
The picture of the poor girl in death-bed was frightening.
The whole affair gives an unprecedented trembling.

The manhandling of girls is universal.
The pain and shame are beyond redressal.
The shameful attempts are multiplying in progression geometrical.
Most lay buried deep in cohesive bustle.

When would all these atrocities come to an end?
The act forces every head to bow down and bend.
None of us could pass on the blame to a different send.
We,as a tribe, have to ruefully accept and mend.