To Remain Silent.

Writing is not everybody’s forte
talking is neither every one’s strength
silence is not all in common
there is a skill for each
going by the word in write
accompanied by the eloquence
followed by the quietness.

All cannot aspire to become a writer
nor could they be an orator
but they could at least be a spectator
which in a specific sense
kindles a great response and appreciation
as unlimited talk turns offensive
the monotonous dialogue converts itself to a boredom..

Amusing to note silence is a technique
many forget that they have two ears
that tell us to listen more
talk less and be watchful
which in turn becomes a difficulty
unnecessary talk leads to chaos
that disrupts peace and tranquillity



The High Way Drive

The roads I take are highways
long and straight with no face.
It is drive, a drive to the end
faster and safer without bends.
Paying tolls at every town’s entry
passing through the tolls sentry
reaching the destination well ahead
as we not drive but fly instead.

All being well with great advance
there is most missing the chance
no lively being crosses the way
nothing interrupts the fray
as buildings and houses seen in roads
with hoardings and huge The highwaysignboards
lending a touch of reality and recognition
a sight-seeing like activity without friction.

The hurry which is involved in the driving
makes one despise the very act of travelling
The monotony that gets in the run
robs the feeling of pleasure and fun
Driving straight through the highway
noticing only cars that go in the same way
tends to be stressful and exhausting
Well, I feel that the older way is most interesting.


My Days Mostly At Home.

With the trees and plants around
I have never felt alone
To me televisions hold no interest
it is the nature that lies around
with all its bounties and beauty
that make my days pass without monotony.
Like to stay at home in their company
with books and periodicals in hand
all through weeks and months.
The rustling of wind enamours me.
The sound of thunder arouses me.
The lightning captivates me.
The rains bring an exuberance and joy
while the falling of leaves wake me up
specially that of the fronds of coconut trees.
the dangling of roses in the garden
solicit me to them every other hour
The chirping of birds take me to a world
where cawing and tweeting present a symphony.
With the books as companions the day passes
going by coconut treesintermittent phone calls and cups of tea
with lunch and dinner simple and healthy
keep me engaged all through
and the time passes without venturing out

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A Straight Road Ahead— An Allegory

straight roadA straight road is ahead.
There seems no turns in the stead.
It is a long stretch ahead
Yes, go straight to the stead.

The way takes you straight.
Exposing nothing in the trait.
It is nothing but straight.
Everything else reflects the trait.

It is monotonous travel right.
Going steady without a flight.
Believe it is a certainty right.
Moving forward without a fight.

Surely, you would reach the destination late.
Nothing to press an acceleration in the slate.
Struggling you achieve the nominations very late.
It is a gradual but slow realization on the slate.

Realizing you get straight to your end.
Crossing the sea of life without a bend.
That is how you have to live up to the end.
Straight in stature without a single bend.

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Doing it All over.


Making everything doubly sure.

Revising the researched thesis over.

Revisiting the  places over and over.

Recollecting the anecdotes in times over

Deliberating on an issue all over.

Talking about the same topic again and over.

Doing everything all over.

Casts a spell of monotony moreover.

Releases a boredom all so ever.

Shatters execution  what so ever.

Delays progress in definite terms all over.



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A Monotony

Seeing the same thing,

Day in and day out,

Is a monotony.


Talking the same thing,

Always and ever,

Is a monotony.


Hearing the same thing ,

Mostly and almost,

Is a monotony.


Silence is a monotony,

All and everyone says

Never it is so.


It has many facets,

None and no one understand,

It is never a monotony.


Keeping quiet,

During irrational conflicts,

Is never a monotony.


A passive approach,

To solve the unrest,

Is definitely not a monotony.


A kindred spirit,

In dissolving the differences,

Is far from monotony,


If shouts and screams,

Recall activity ,

It is a disturbing monotony.


If blows and tramples,

Reinforce motion,

It is a wicked monotony.


If schemes and ruse,

Register a buzz,

It is a treacherous monotony.



Monotony is varied,

It is repetitive and tiring,

More disturbing and most killing.