To Remain Silent.

Writing is not everybody’s forte
talking is neither every one’s strength
silence is not all in common
there is a skill for each
going by the word in write
accompanied by the eloquence
followed by the quietness.

All cannot aspire to become a writer
nor could they be an orator
but they could at least be a spectator
which in a specific sense
kindles a great response and appreciation
as unlimited talk turns offensive
the monotonous dialogue converts itself to a boredom..

Amusing to note silence is a technique
many forget that they have two ears
that tell us to listen more
talk less and be watchful
which in turn becomes a difficulty
unnecessary talk leads to chaos
that disrupts peace and tranquillity


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What Is Governance ?

Governance is a technique.

hard to master.

harder to execute.

hardest to find.


Governance is a criteria

calling for wisdom

requiring  skill

assuring  progress.


Governance  is a task

ensuing a discipline

initiating  a schedule

maintaining a  balance.


Governance is characteristic

of  just and justice

of dedication and design

of reign and  gain. 


Fraction Mathematics

Fractions And Decimals

Looking around   the class  room,

A little one sees signs and letters,

The sight sends her to a state of gloom,

As  if they hold her in tethers.


She loves to see little flowers,

Likes to hear lovely rhymes

Wants to play  out of the towers,

Longs to dance  to the chimes.


The call  of numbers make her tired

The fractions keep her  morose,

The intricacies leave her  on board ,

As she has to slog overdose.


The decimals confuse her still,

As she misses to place them  in the right digit

Solving problems break her will,

So she withdraws in a frigid.


This preliminary skill elicits a technique,

To solve not only mathematics,

Also to cross check the life’s  streak,

In a sequential  geometric.


The little girl will  master slowly,

The fractions and decimals  in a spree,

As she grows up ideally,

To grab the intensity in a glee.