Poetry thoughts

Remarkable as They Are

The fathomless ocean flows silent

the huge mountains remain still

the elaborate sky is sullen

the  entire land appears quiet .


The small pond besides flows in ripples

the tiny hillocks never remain noiseless

the tiny stars  create  a sensational twinkle

the piece of land called cities indulge in a commotion.


Could we not see the distinctions as such?

the massiveness retains a sobriety

preserves a dignity  and an effusive stoicism

a realization of being great and grand as much .


Could we not feel the  awesomeness as such?

the passive watchfulness of one so high

compared to the  noise of the small timers

a meaningless jibber  jabber incoherent as such.


The sullenness of the great is prudence

their thoughts being sublime as all

those of which make noise  bear no wisdom

being one of an empty vessel in reference.fathomless_by_kittygrade-d5cgt2o


Child gifted Poetry ten-year -old

My Little Boy

The little  boy I know

a ten-year-old in the go

 has a lot to  show

  talks with a flow

 be it any subject in toe

 he is never slow

 nor  behaves low

 speaks with a glow

  is as pure as snow

 honest to the core

has a lot of wisdom in store

 at times,he might sound a bore

that be a few moments in toll

 he is a child  of a noble call

 priced and gifted boy in all.

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The Proposed God-man

God manA relative of mine

not one of blood

talks high of himself

thinks he is a God-man

predicts the events of the day

speaks of sasthras  and discipline

preaches many a time with a diligence

teaches most of the time in a manner crazy

the rituals and practices  in direct  focus

with an authority   not ordinary

actually he knows nothing  in general

as he reads not anything in particular

rather knows not to read coherently

commits hundred and one mistakes

while going through the preliminary

leave alone the holy ethics

writes with glaring errors  in  a range

boasts of his wisdom with a pomp

smile do I seeing him talk with such splendour

a crook  he is in every walk with the least tenure.


A Straight Game.

it is a straight game
that too in a name
where a woman has acquired fame
who is in nature very tame
but has knowledge great
that too in a rate
proportionate to a hate
which men nurture against her fully
envious of her wisdom entirely
do not wish to see her succeed mostly
as they feel they are superior
and the woman are inferior
a thought in the mind’s anterior
though not shown in the (69)

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The Old Order Changeth

old orderGiving way to new things in a fest.
Giving chance to young at the best.
Giving place to new order in a test
So goes the world in a flow
as change brings in a result slow.

Leaving the old things behind.
Leaving the aged in the hind.
Leaving the old order away from the bind.
So goes the world in a flow
as old takes the back row.

Taking up enthusiasm as a cue.
Taking over by youth is true.
Taking in fresh air from the blue.
So goes the world in a flow
as novelty assumes a glow.

Brushing aside the experience as a yardstick.
Brushing aside the oldies as one with a walking stick.
Brushing aside the tested ideals like a prick.
So goes the world in a flow
as wisdom retreats with a bow.

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What Is Governance ?

Governance is a technique.

hard to master.

harder to execute.

hardest to find.


Governance is a criteria

calling for wisdom

requiring  skill

assuring  progress.


Governance  is a task

ensuing a discipline

initiating  a schedule

maintaining a  balance.


Governance is characteristic

of  just and justice

of dedication and design

of reign and  gain. 


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An Ode to Behaviour

It is called as a obstinacy,

It is termed as pride,

It is referred as exclusiveness,

It is summed up as withdrawal.


Whatever it may be observed,

A certain resolution is apparent,

A slight diffidence is felt,

A kind of aloofness is experienced.


Well, that looks interesting,

It is akin to a determined disposition,

It is similar to a non interventional distinction,

It is more or less a revered definition.


Likening it to a shining star is appropriate,

Alluding it to an embellishment is obvious,

Accepting it as a chaste demeanour is prudence,

Affliating it to a diplomatic policy is wisdom.


Calling it as adamancy is an intrigue,

Assailing it as high headedness is  a fallacy,

Deriding it as a behavioural enigma is callous,

Concluding it as a deviant measure is a disaster.


The attitude varies from person to person,

A sanguine perception is regarded high,

A non intrusive  temperament is found rare,

A sagacious discretion demands applause.



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It Should Pass

A day with lovely events has to pass,

As it gets dark,

The light sinks,

Night  descends.

The day passes.


A year with turbulence will pass,

As it sees outbreaks,

Of riots and diseases,

Political feuds  and economic recession,

The year passes.



A generation of people would pass,.

After experiencing hardships,

In personal and career,

In finance and life,

The generation passes.



Everything which has life has to pass,

It is an evolution,

It is a regeneration,

It is wisdom,

To allow all things to pass.



A civilisation has passed,,

After encountering ups and downs,

Through invasion and attacks,

Through years and centuries,

The civilization passes.



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A Pinch Of Salt

Idioms and quotes take us a long way,

As they  elucidate wisdom in a sway,

A pinch of salt leads the fray,

With lot of  profoundity in the  say.



The idiom holds an in-depth  meaning

That proposes a serious  screening,

Of the  resonant   inquiring

Into an appropriate  dealing.



Talks with a two-way  ambiguity,

Takes us to a place of incredibility,

Inducing a position of susceptibility,

Making us rave in a uncertainity.



To comprehend the intrinsic  reliability,

 We need a promising capacity,

To unravel the latent   secrecy,

We require a superb efficiency.



Pinch of salt carries a taste literally

It also weighs a reference  to sarcasm  really,

Indicating  a distinctive   sting  formally,

 Retracing a  deliberation   instantly.





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Stars By Your Side.

What  do the stars foretell?

What are the predictions for this week?

What sign is favourable ?

What colour is lucky ?

Which number  is  propitious?

How many questions  cross the mind? How many issues get stuck by deliberating on such trivia?

Why should we attribute so much importance to such frivolous concepts.?

Our goal, is to progress, to advance in  our pursuits, to earn for our sustenance, to extend love and consideration, and to be a worthy mortal.

These perceptions , do not need astrological endorsements, do not require numerological coherence,  do not insist colour combinations, but forebodes a clear mind and  passion for performance.

An  unabated spirit ,is sufficient to go through most difficult situations, and emerge with robust success .

The stars need not be in your side, but  gritty determination  and honest transparency  in  your mind  will lead  you to eternal  triumph and glory.