An Old School

I am from an old school

idioms, phrases and expressions

were taught with intensity

years have passed

still I remember them.


The voices of my teachers reverberate

they made us expand the idioms

use our imagination

strike a story and go ahead

they would say.


The way we learnt the language

with exercises on conjugation

precis, paraphrase, and analysis

of sentences all in detail

has made me what I am.


I owe the language to them

to my mother who was equally  strict

a slip here or a misspelt word

would earn a punishment.

It was a hard way of learning

it has its  own reward.




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A Pinch Of Salt

Idioms and quotes take us a long way,

As they  elucidate wisdom in a sway,

A pinch of salt leads the fray,

With lot of  profoundity in the  say.



The idiom holds an in-depth  meaning

That proposes a serious  screening,

Of the  resonant   inquiring

Into an appropriate  dealing.



Talks with a two-way  ambiguity,

Takes us to a place of incredibility,

Inducing a position of susceptibility,

Making us rave in a uncertainity.



To comprehend the intrinsic  reliability,

 We need a promising capacity,

To unravel the latent   secrecy,

We require a superb efficiency.



Pinch of salt carries a taste literally

It also weighs a reference  to sarcasm  really,

Indicating  a distinctive   sting  formally,

 Retracing a  deliberation   instantly.