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Greed Knows No Bound.

buildingThe rains came unexpected
thunder struck with a plunder
lightning was frightful
these all are Natural design

Another phenomenon accompanied
came down a building high
fell on the ground in shambles
a blast and noise unheard.

The scores of workers inside
went down the fall in panic
a hand inadvertently jutted out
knew not what for.

Shrieks and cries rose high
the expressions reflect anguish
echoed all through the wilderness
man’s greed knows no bound.

The despair is painful
the loss is irreparable
son , mother and father
either one lost one another.

The governance is at standstill
announces a compensation
Is life so cheap and worthless?
I stand aghast at the callousness.

The Empire

The sun never sets all day
that be in the erstwhile British Empire
with the east and west under the sway
the daylight gleamed in the entire .

The day seems too long in this part
the days are hot and humid in form
there is nothing very much in short
except the pleasant weather and calm.

This was one of the constituents of the empire
the treasure of the land was exorbitant
was of abundant resource to the empire
wealth flowed in from the land abundant.

That is the way the Empire prospered
with borrowed light in all glory
then came the fall out in a deterred empire
the great kingdom shot out in fury.

The sun slowly resumed its duty
the dawn and dusk became regular
the authority shrunk in capacity
normal took over the irregular.

The Oppressive Heat.

It is a respite all the way
the sun was high all the day
the breeze hot as ever
the sweat poured in a shower
could not breathe with ease
nor could lie down in a please
the humidity was impressive
the uneasiness was vindictive
there came a rain unexpected
lasted for an hour with delight
brought a prospective wellness
solace from stuffiness


The Haemorrhage.

The allegations at an age
the criticism at a period
the attack at a time
when the spirits are down
cause a havoc unbearable.

Never have seen smooth sail
Never have experienced a flow
Never have heard a kind word
all through the days hay and old.

The scathe and scorn in volumes
scrap the heart of its tenderness
the sore is so ulcerative
it bleeds internally copiously.

The haemorrhage accounts for a stumble
a withdrawal from the kith and kin
might be also from the child too
as it clogs and tarnishes the feel.

The cast away from society at large
the pull away from the near and dear
makes one find solace in the lifeless
that of read and write in design.lonely_leaf_left_alone

The words pop out with animation
laugh and talk with cheer
console with a smothering rhythm
care with cordial solicitation.

The Different Man

He cannot do much
remains as such
does not get in touch
keeps away from search
is aloof and away
greatly into the fraydownload (48)
that be his stay
all along the day
not near but far away
physically not in stray
mentally plucked away.