The Empire

The sun never sets all day
that be in the erstwhile British Empire
with the east and west under the sway
the daylight gleamed in the entire .

The day seems too long in this part
the days are hot and humid in form
there is nothing very much in short
except the pleasant weather and calm.

This was one of the constituents of the empire
the treasure of the land was exorbitant
was of abundant resource to the empire
wealth flowed in from the land abundant.

That is the way the Empire prospered
with borrowed light in all glory
then came the fall out in a deterred empire
the great kingdom shot out in fury.

The sun slowly resumed its duty
the dawn and dusk became regular
the authority shrunk in capacity
normal took over the irregular.

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The colour of Jealousy

jealousychildJealousy is an illness no doubt.
It is a mental addiction in a clout.
The mildest form reveals itself in a pout.
Shrugging the shoulders is a wee ahead of a bout.
The raised eyebrows twine up into a knotty flout
expressing a displeasure in a manner stout.

Jealousy springs up for no cause whatsoever.
It is an inspiration wrong however.
The feeling of envy is widespread all over.
The trace of it is found in kids little so ever.
Thick and dense it accumulates in the mind of grown ups in an over.
Love,business and politics effectively tumble over.

Races are destroyed by this lowly quality.
Nations war with each other in a note faulty.
Bloodshed and killing are found in enormity.
Peace walks out in distress from the locality.
Kindness and affection share a miss out due to this impetuosity.
All things negative build up because of this triviality.

A slight difference brings into force this yellowish attrition.
A marginal high up forces in a jarring distraction.
Envy tells history rattled many an empire to descend into the oblivion.
It has led to dethronement in successive attacks all to a dissolution.
Could this evil thought be plucked from the mind in total resolution.
Life would undergo an enhancement and bloom into an evergreen depiction.