mind occasions Poem precision

The End Of “M” Series.

The “M” came with a bounce

on and off it spurted out

with the more and most

along with mild and mystery

beginning with the mind

followed by the loving  mother

the “M” gave me a week long  work

I did not spend much time  on deliberating

as I for one write comes to my mind

put my thoughts in words

go through them on occasions

edit with not so much of a precision

an exercise I do with less pain

if at all, I do a careful check

would have to delete half

so I leave the words to find their fate

they enter the world as soon as they are born

go through the critical evaluation

a travel of great value and readership

hoping one day I would be acknowledged

the “letter-mcovered various subjects  with skill

heart. Poem Rain storm wind

A Stand Still

It is windy  all through

the windows creak and shriek

followed by a standstand_still_by_queen_of_lonelessstill.

it is stormy all through

the doors crack and creak

followed by a standstill.

It is rainy  all through

the roof  break and leak

followed by a standstill.

It is race all through

the heart bursts and stops

followed  by  a standstill


breach clue. Poem strange violation wonder

The Band Of Colours,

The colours I see on the top of my page

red, orange, yellow green and blue

make me wonder being bandstrange

I see it for long without a clue.

Could it be for a breach?

nay, I have not violated

Could it be then a praise as such?

I have not done anything to be appreciated.

Well, then why is it there?

I stare at it for  quite some time

not able to arrive on anything in a share

I gaze at it with cheer with a smile.

defecate Poem spit.

The Man Being An Indian

Man defecates

not in private spaces

in  public places

an allegation so loud

a complaint  very rational

The  Man being an Indian.

Man spits

not in the ascribed spaces

well on the public places

a practice undesirous

an action contemptuous.

The Man being an Indian.

Man commits an offence

His ablutions  are private

never they would turn public

Learn the civic sense

you, Indian who has

otherwise5.-Spitting-in-public a load of intelligence.

boredom excitement Poem

I have Slowed Down

Slowing down a little

I find myself in a shuttle

know not when I would entirely stop

as of now I am able to hop

I sit back in a relax

like to involve in any track

a laid back life is what I wish

at times I enjoy such bliss

the curiosity in me still triggers

an involvement in  figures

be it in numbers or words

want not to remain dormant inwards

my mind hunts now and then

happy when it acquires one

catches it with an engross

completes it with a class

sad when it could find none

well, life is a great  fun

excitement and  boredom mix and match

one would overwhelm the other in a scratch0511-1005-0201-0025_cartoon_of_a_woman_tired_out_from_christmas_shopping_clipart_image

perfection Poem sustenance

A Fulfillment

It career-action-fulfillment is a fulfillment

a task completed

will not say with perfection

with a satisfaction.

It is a contentment

tranquil and quiet

could not call it an exuberance

but a reference.

Life moves on though

with success intangible

while success and failure turn immaterial

sustenance undergoes a trial.

The start and the end  are ambiguous

the middle  is constrained  between both

evolves  a  strategical maturity

exposing  a  selective  ingenuity.

gain Poem Wealth

Gain Or Drain

The way it comes

be the way it goes

that be of ill-gotten wealth.

Earn a little no matter

the means doth matter

that  be a hard earned wealth

The wealth from sources  bad

would turn you sad

that be a perennial  disaster.

The earnings by fraud

would put you behind the bar

could be a cause of shame.

A saying in my language

sale of a dog does not bark

makes me think twice.

The proceeds from anything

be it a sale of a dog or land

should be truthful.

A genuine gain and wealth

would withstandcrown the times

be it fair or ill.

east Poem traditional west.

The Nomad I Am

I am a nomad

a little mad

traditionally clad

wherever I go

I do not stoop low or ever bow.sari traditional

I have no home

as the world is my home

have a  home in east

have a home in west

have homes everywhere

Wherever I go

I sit at home

that be my world

see the words

write them in gold.

It could be me here

could be me there

I wonder who am I?

know not for a while

soon recollect in style.

Poem prayer

Folded Hands

Folded hands  is a sign of greeting

could be  a symbol of prayer

both take us by a fleet

the greeting with a folded hands cute smile  is a tweet

the prayer with a piety  is bliss

give us a peace of mind in no ordinary terms

enough to sustain for the day, nay for a term

if practised in a routine with a kindness

could extend a tranquillity  in a fullness.

Poem reigns Sun

The Sun Controls The Climate.

The sun shines with a scorch
the night needs no torch
the land is a botch
the man is loaded with scotch.

The sun shines with a bite
the night goes out of sight
the land turns tight
the man struggles in the light.

The sun shines in all glory
the night becomes scary
the land transforms into a flurry
the man scorns in a fury.

The sun sets the life in motion
the night settles meekly to a portion
the land disguises into a fusion
the man learns a lot from tuition.

The sun keeps the reign
the night receives rains
the land incurs a strain
the man suffers pain.

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