boredom excitement Poem

I have Slowed Down

Slowing down a little

I find myself in a shuttle

know not when I would entirely stop

as of now I am able to hop

I sit back in a relax

like to involve in any track

a laid back life is what I wish

at times I enjoy such bliss

the curiosity in me still triggers

an involvement in  figures

be it in numbers or words

want not to remain dormant inwards

my mind hunts now and then

happy when it acquires one

catches it with an engross

completes it with a class

sad when it could find none

well, life is a great  fun

excitement and  boredom mix and match

one would overwhelm the other in a scratch0511-1005-0201-0025_cartoon_of_a_woman_tired_out_from_christmas_shopping_clipart_image


The Shutdown.

Shutdowns are seen in industries 

when they go out of money

else they claim hefty compensation  enormously

the closure comes into effect normally


Too many closures are there

as recession sets in with the fall down

where global economy crumbles into tear

causing a topsy turn and a tumble-down.


Now seeing the shutdown  in a nation

which once was the pride of the world

as the blockage is from the opposition

stalling the passage of the economy bill  .


The shutdown has come into effect

with the country getting into the nerve

where the essentials are not in defect

only the non vital fall into the curve.


The United States is feeling the scarcity

an ironical snapshot of the emergence

when the country is coming out from alacrity

stopping its advance with the repugnance.


Shutdowns is a distraction

auguring not well with the turn

as it is coming out of economic hibernation

indicating a simulating and tormenting shutdown burn.