boredom excitement Poem

I have Slowed Down

Slowing down a little

I find myself in a shuttle

know not when I would entirely stop

as of now I am able to hop

I sit back in a relax

like to involve in any track

a laid back life is what I wish

at times I enjoy such bliss

the curiosity in me still triggers

an involvement in  figures

be it in numbers or words

want not to remain dormant inwards

my mind hunts now and then

happy when it acquires one

catches it with an engross

completes it with a class

sad when it could find none

well, life is a great  fun

excitement and  boredom mix and match

one would overwhelm the other in a scratch0511-1005-0201-0025_cartoon_of_a_woman_tired_out_from_christmas_shopping_clipart_image