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Singapore-Land Of Traders

On 26/July/2009, I landed in Singapore . It was a cool morning, with slight drizzle.The city was not fully awake ,as it was early in the morning. There wee a few joggers, taking their morning beat. Singapore was yawning trying to get out of the slumber.The weather was excellent with intermittent showers. The drive from the airport to the hotel was a pleasure. The greenery beside the roads, the sea flowing on one side, the tall bushy trees beckoned the traveller to the land of ecstasy.

This small country ,with a radius of 26 square miles,has been formed by the Chola kings, followed by the Chinese traders,the Portuguese invasion, the Dutch settlements and finally the Japanese attack all went out in a huge queue to create the small city nation. The port is the only natural resource that is available to this country. Other essentials, like water and power, has to be bought from its neighbouring Malaysia.Yet this little country is bustling with activity

The Singaporeans word of promise is profit. Commercialising time  is a remote sensation. But they do. they promote tourism to the maximum.All kinds of food are available but for a cost. all commodities are found ,but are expensive. Textiles fetch exorbitant money. sophisticated watches  electronic goods are flooded in the showrooms, malls, but the prices are alarming. There seems to be a highly snobbish big disappperception among the people. They do no manual work. they hire work force from India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar. These folks gather in one particular place every Sunday. On Sundays Singapore looks deeply messy.

The cleanliness , for which Singapore was remarkable ,is a ointment,as we see litters all the way , uncared for.The City has attained a gigantic magnitude,in this decade. The buildings are huge skyscrapers.Most look like a pigeon hole, of course with all amenities. The kinship and the amity is totally absent., It is money, money all the way.

I am reminds of the quote,

“water ,water,everywhere , no drop to drink,”

In Singapore it is mad rush for materialistic benefits, but the human spirit of compassion, and simplicity is absolutely nil.

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A Quizzing Perplexion

I am in a quandary,

I am at cross roads,

I am confused,

I am  upset



I am  in troubled waters,

I am in scary woods.

I am in arid desert,

I am  atop the hills.


I issue no censor,

I deliver no disdain,

I show no anger,

I pose no threat.



I shun publicity,

I hate glamour,

I  shudder expense,

I defer no ill will.


I remain aloof,

I affirm composure,

I expect nothing,

Yet  , I am misunderstood.




I am perplexed.

I am plucked asunder,

I engage in quizzing ,

The deals I face.


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Law And Police.

Police are keepers of law.They work for the protection of civilians . They strive to keep law and order. They patrol the area allotted to them by warding off antisocial elements.

But how many of them do ?

A    few officers and sergeants are diligent and maintain decorum and discipline. The majority misuse their powers . They create panic in the most calm areas, by indulging in attestations that invoke fear and apprehensions. The public are taken for a ride  by the police force. They are penalised for no fault . They have to pay heavily,if caught by the Inspector . If they raise their voice in protest , the officer canes them accuses of rude speech, and imprisons them.The civilian meted with such crude treatment , has to move about in shame. The bribe they take to cancel the case filed is quiet heavy. Apart from such illegal provocations, they also involve in other sacrilegious activities that should not find a place in paper.

The derogatory reputation they have earned has not registered a  positive significance in their style of approach. The unpleasant deliberations make people repel from the Police force. They normally get scared to get in touch with the Police, as it would engage a lot of time,and bring about a wasteful expense,and push in mental torture.

I read recently of a man being handcuffed by police on suspicion that he was trying to break a house, which was  his own home. The miscommunication has landed the man in jail. He produced his identity card, in spite of it he was imprisoned.

The man’s pride is hurt. He , if I remember right  is Gates who had returned from China. The Police sentinel is unmindful of the infliction they have caused. Yes , this is one among the multitude of cases they have mishandled. They remain untethered.But, what about Gates ?His affliction is tremendous. His agony is unspeakable.The molestation , he suffered , is unthinkable.

The Police go on. One day they will retire and slip into the fold of ordinary citizens.Then , they will realise the trauma, the rejection. Their heart will race in palpitation. Their shrivelling seductions will lead them to an infidel , nauseating , distraught composure..

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Ambanis Claim Nature

Ambanis govern the Indian nation’s economy.Ambanis consider the national ,natural asset as their own. Mukesh and Anil fight over it. Is it not amusing?Does it not sound quixotic?The whole issue is malignantly ridiculous.It signifies a voluptuous appetite.

The Indian Government is screaming over the feud of the brothers. It has addressed the dispute as the economy is eld hostage by the Ambanis. It has rushed to the Supreme Court,to disprove the claims of the brothers.What a sad state of affairs!. This is a typical way of conducting business in India.Ambanis fit the business jigsaw exactly.

The Indian trade and commerce professed certain morals ,practised ethics , before the fanfare appearence of Dhirubai Ambani, the father of the fighting brothers.

Indian business and finance can be classified into two main epochs. The era before Dhirubhai can be termed as B.A. and after as A.A.The B.A was a modest age, where there was a few businessman-top level, and few business, focusing on textiles , Steel , cement. Public listed companies were less. The shareholders had absolute faith in the management and the later reciprocated the trust with bonus shares and handsome dividends. Industry was thriving , in a compressed structure as there were regulations to monitor the growth. There were minimum defaulters. The GDP was growing steadily.

In 1970 , the messiah of business Ambani hustled in with a magic wand. He floated  his companies with much  exhibitioners skill. His shareholders were treated with a silver spoon. The new era in Indian business dawned. It brought with it excellent results,  showed high speed in development,negotiated the loopholes in the strict regulations.It also derived an hideous suffix of anti in all its vibrations. It assumed a proportion which was opposite to every confirmed attribute. Anti legal, anti tax, anti government and anti trade,became the motivational spirit of a business man.The voice of the protesters to these attempts was silenced by currency or by inflicting physical bruises. Admonitions were quietened by these dons. The Government top gear was in the hands of these industrialists. A silent devastating revolution was underway.So long the Government was held captive by these big shots.

A sudden enlightenment is in the vicinity. The Government has slammed the Ambani brothers of holding economy as hostage, reads the news clippings.

The Ambanis are trying to usurp Nature of its bounties. They are not aware of nature’s violence , of its fury. Its toll is beyond comprehnsion


Safe Lucrative Investment

The economy is in spate .It is going in high speed. It is unpredictable. The fluctuations are excessive. The oscillations are vibrant.The investor is intrigued.

Can he invest in stocks?He can , provided his heart is made of sterner stuff.

Can he buy properties?He can ,provided he can withstand myocardial infraction..

Can he buy commodities ?He can,provided he can tolerate high blood pressure.

Can he keep his money in deposits?He can, provided  he can endure diabetic syndrome.

Can he keep his money at home?He can , provided  he  can live with skin problems

The economy is keeping us in a state of high risk. A small turn around receives a rousing reception. A little off track abandons faith. A petty up and trivial down sets the ball in motion. The mind quivers. The heart palpitates. The body shudders. On the whole , the danger is unpredictable-danger to the individual, as he is exposed to high risks, danger to the economy , as it is suffocated by the hue and cry.

I am at a loss to settle in for a safe lucrative investment, with little money I have.



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A Spider’s Web

The Spider is crazy,

Spinning its web ,

In amazing speed,

In boggling entangles,

In  mazed designs,

In  selective course,

In meticulous  skill,

In lovely patterns,

In secured forms,

In  elaborate frescoes,

In  high style,

In relevant finish,

In mild  colour,

Really a cheerful spectacle.


Built with deftness,

Built with foresight.

Built with affection,

Built with knowledge,

Built with creativity,

Built with distinction,

Built with simplicity,

Built with acumen,

Built with no help,

Built with least materials,

Built with no money,

Really an enticing piece of art.


Webs are many,

Webs denote  lot,

Webs  are cobwebs,

Webs are sites,

Webs host blogs

Webs invoke interest,

Webs enforce expression,

Webs promote writing,

Webs illustrate presentation,

Webs provide resource,

Webs conduct rally

Really Spider’s web   stands out.



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Building Planes In The Air-Not Castles

The Indian sky ,which has a traffic jam , is going to be freed by the restrictions that are going to be imposed by the Oil companies on few airlines. There was  a sprout of aviation companies recently. They were having fast take offs. They grew in supersonic ” Jet” acceleration. They  took to the sky imperiously as”Kings’ ascend the throne.They were ‘Paramount ” in fame. They added “Spice” to travel.The “National Aviation’ is a big question mark.

Murali Deora , the Indian Minister for petroleum ,has come out with the details of the overdue payments by Kingfisher , leading the list with  960 crores ,followed by Jet  with750 crores,National Aviation company 472, Paramount -25.32 crores, and Spice jet -16 crores.,to three petroleum companies.If the airlines do not hasten up their repayments, then action will be taken according to the commercial agreement that was signed by the Petroleum companies and  airlines.

The datas seemed to be alarming. While the airlines are having such a neck to neck situation, how do they keep things running , not only smoothly, but making public announcements that they are going to purchase planes . They are going to enlarge the destination maps.

The financial reporter has a duty to weigh the data’s before he puts it in black and white. the reporter Of Business line a fortnight back , had come out with the purchase of ten planes by paramount Airways. the managing Director ,of the airlines, had announced that he is making waves , by introducing Business class  flights. Now ,he is getting into the arena of bringing more cities into his regime. The report was so exciting. But the Petroleum Minijster’s proposition of taking action against Paramount Airways is disarming.

King fisher Mallaya is a dare devil. He appears in the scene like an apparition and disappears in a hallucination. His King fisher airlines in sparkling red ,look so cutte. The service  is excellent. As if in a stroke, he bought the low cost airlines Air Deccan. His admiring courtship has virtually slipped to back levels when we hear about his loans. His airlines is in red.

The Jet Airways, which  revolutionised Indian air traffic,is rejected by its impressive debts.Naresh Goyal, the mentor of Jet airways , was in news when he tried to conclude Jet -Air Sahara deal.But , the deal dropped dead . Later he sacked  a fine percentage of his employees, one fine evening.When faced with stiff opposition, he shed crocodile tears , and called the dismissed  work force back. Now , he is in the limelight as a defaulter.

Business , whether it be a petty shop, or a conglomerate should propound ethics, should have a solid base, and strong fundamentals.. It is easy to build castles in the air, but not planes. Castles depict imagination,according to the saying,but planes carry flesh and blood,ambition and aspiration, love and affection. So , a better strata of reality should land before each take off.


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Terrorism Unabated.

Indonesian capital Djakarta  was a victim of a bomb blast today. Six people lost their lives. The two high end hotels Ritz and Marriott were targeted. Incidentally these two hotels are owned by the same person.

These two hotels  are run with great caution. The security is at its best.How did this happen?The perplexed state of affairs is prevailing.No one is able to decipher what it is all about? What for these two hotels chosen  by the attackers? Why did this blast enacted?

It is unbelievable.Ritz was ripped inside out. The pictures look horrible. The suicide bomber has perfectly ccommissioned the blast.

We sit  and watch the world perish in miniscules.

We  sit and espy the ghastly bloodshed

We sit and perceive the drama of terrorism.

We sit and experience the rational suffering.

We sit and accept the death knell.

We sit and digest the horrendous gravity.

We sit and do nothing to stop them.

We sit and say loudly that it is beyond our capacity.

We sit and put the blame on others.

We sit and deliver nothing to maintain peace and harmony.

We call ourselves Human.

Human means no feeling.,

Am I right?


The Solar Eclipse

There will be a solar eclipse on 22/July/2009.It would be visible in India and in certain South Asian countries. This is a natural phenomenon,that takes place periodically. But much importance is attached to it ,for reasons best unknown to most of us.

The astrologers are agog with this deliberation. They predict catastrophic imbalance in the South Asian countries. There would be earthquakes, Tsunami, and floods.Previous eclipses have brought with them , political turmoil, pushed in natural calamities and focused on economic Topsy turvy..

The Indian researchers attribute  a forecast to people born on particular stars. These stars are poosa and ashelesha. The eclipse  takes place  when Poosa is at the helm. This range does not augur well to the nations . Political disturbance is predicted. There will be lot of chaos and confusion. nature will run riot, causing major distractions and inflicting loss of life.

The indian traditional horoscope readers have beckoned those born on Poosa , to visit to hoary Shiva shrines, and offer prayers to ward off the evil influence of solar eclipse. If they are unable to go to ancient temples , they can complete the poojas by visiting shrines which are nearby and offer obeisance to the presiding deity.

Amused I was , when I  read all these in the newspapers. What does the eclipse signify?It does happen as every other natural event. The day rises, and draws to a close. Each day is ascribed with a star , and there are twenty seven stars according to the Indian astrology. Particular stars have a rich benediction, Few others are called as average turnovers. A handful are termed as outcasts. People born under such stars are treated as outcasts, especially when the horoscopes are matched during marriages., many splendid wed locks are averted because of these irreverent connotations attached to the stars.

Moola forewarns the death of the father in law.Ashlesha  ushers the untimely demise of the mother in law. kettai is not suitable to the eldest co born of the bridegroom. Visaka has to do some evil to the younger brother. Avittam brings in heavenly fortunes. Bharani points out to the absolute possession of properties. how dis astrologers came to a conclusion about the stars and their effects. If astrologers can be so accurate , why do they flounder in their own life. Will they not be able to foretell their future and act cautiously.?

My mind is in deep turmoil. I anticipate an eruption of a volcano ,related  to my mind. The remittance would be  of such high velocity and alarming magnitude.Hope it coincides with the Solar eclipse.

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Discriminations Then And Now.

It was a beautiful evening. The wind was blowing gently. The sky was losing its fair like brightness. The shade of black darkness was setting in,with a twilight yellow in the background.

Nature was propagating all colours in a genial virtuosity.It was a magnificent sight.White, black and yellow presenting a pictorial hue.It was wonderful.The effect of the varied ,contrast colours was significant. Mother Nature bore no discrimination,as her children , the human beings are inclined to.

The racial discrimination has been in vogue for centuries together. A civil war was fought in U.S during the nineteenth century. Its remnants are still fresh in our minds. Though ,the dislike of the Blacks have been suspended outwardly, the white man secretly nourishes a hatred towards  the dark fellow. The Black Man, looks rigid, solid and imposing.There are a few , who commit treason. Most of them look rugged , but have a childlike heart. Honour their character. Forgive their errors. See them as your own race, that is human race.Then all differences will sink into oblivion. Do not consider them as a brat. Think about them as normal intelligent persons. Work with them collectively.The goal of eternal peace on earth will be achieved in no time.

The racial combat has also  a tumultuous effect on society. The Sri lankan conflict had swollen in magnitude exhibiting the discrepancy prevailing over the Tamils and Sinhalese. A little adjustment on both sides would have averted blood shed , massacre, devastation. The refugees are in a sad state of affairs. The beautiful island with enormous resources and blessed with excessive lovely pictorial sights is rife with gunshots,  bomb blasts. The people move about in constant terror, venture out with protruding eyes filled either with blood or tears, proceed with masked bravery to perform their routine.

These are a standing illustrations of the present world. The mandatory killings, and the venomous threat that looms large over all countries of the world , lingers an insensitive , numbed ridicule .The   spirited youth should take up the cudgels against these horrible clauses . They should affirm to protect the nations from white fanaticism, black atrocities and yellow liveliness.