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Singapore-Land Of Traders

On 26/July/2009, I landed in Singapore . It was a cool morning, with slight drizzle.The city was not fully awake ,as it was early in the morning. There wee a few joggers, taking their morning beat. Singapore was yawning trying to get out of the slumber.The weather was excellent with intermittent showers. The drive from the airport to the hotel was a pleasure. The greenery beside the roads, the sea flowing on one side, the tall bushy trees beckoned the traveller to the land of ecstasy.

This small country ,with a radius of 26 square miles,has been formed by the Chola kings, followed by the Chinese traders,the Portuguese invasion, the Dutch settlements and finally the Japanese attack all went out in a huge queue to create the small city nation. The port is the only natural resource that is available to this country. Other essentials, like water and power, has to be bought from its neighbouring Malaysia.Yet this little country is bustling with activity

The Singaporeans word of promise is profit. Commercialising time  is a remote sensation. But they do. they promote tourism to the maximum.All kinds of food are available but for a cost. all commodities are found ,but are expensive. Textiles fetch exorbitant money. sophisticated watches  electronic goods are flooded in the showrooms, malls, but the prices are alarming. There seems to be a highly snobbish big disappperception among the people. They do no manual work. they hire work force from India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar. These folks gather in one particular place every Sunday. On Sundays Singapore looks deeply messy.

The cleanliness , for which Singapore was remarkable ,is a ointment,as we see litters all the way , uncared for.The City has attained a gigantic magnitude,in this decade. The buildings are huge skyscrapers.Most look like a pigeon hole, of course with all amenities. The kinship and the amity is totally absent., It is money, money all the way.

I am reminds of the quote,

“water ,water,everywhere , no drop to drink,”

In Singapore it is mad rush for materialistic benefits, but the human spirit of compassion, and simplicity is absolutely nil.