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Budget 2009-Old Wine In new Bottle

Pranab Mukerjee has come out with a budget which is neither sensational nor a bore. It is lacking in impetus .It does not predict any positive diaspora. It is an uneventful presentation, and an uninteresting compilation. Every year , the nation witnesses a similar enactment , though by different ministers.Pranab quotes from Kautilya, Chidambaram from Tirukkural.They add colour to the Budget,but have no connected  investigations. Quotes are good to hear, good to memorise, good in orations, good as an interlude,while listening to the monotony of fiscal statistics.But ,fail to produce a serious impact on governance and reforms.The maxims and sayings are just like spices in dishes. If the main dish does not turn out savy, the addition of spices is a mere waste of exercise

Education , is the core sector , that has to be be keenly observed.

The IIT’sand NIIT’s are getting Rs 2113 crores.Female literacy , is given a momentum.Banking and Insurance are to be with the government. Pranb is following the footsteps of Indira Gandhi. This has been in vogue for 30 years.

Employment, is to be provided for twelve million  new jobs. How is the government going to  provide it? A scepticism prevails Tax sops are not found, except for the abolition of fringe benefit  tax.
The Budget  is devoid of lustre,  bereft of dynamism. It is a cautious tread over the irregular functions.

A break into the accepted idealogies is the  quick need . An indecisive , monotonous approach is not going to bring in growth. This drab approach will stifle growth. A negative trend will set in. The sixty years of independence , has not brought in high level progression. Governments are churning the milk, that too not vigorously , but in a dull speed. Generation after generation speak about the rich heritage,  bask in reflected glory. There is no charm . India is pictured as a land of snakes, a region of poverty, and a terrain of teeming population. harbouring various infections. When are we going to come out of all these  implicated details?

The Nation expected a buget  of credibilty, of susteneance and of growth. Obsessions  with age old customs  and ceremonial  practises  should be ripped off. Getting into the actuals, analysing what is the requirement, coming out of the clutches of big shots , should form the quorum of the government.

Freedom from all entrappings, whether it be from business tycoons, political big wigs,  should be discovered . Put your nation first,  think about your people first, work for the progress first, only then we can secure real prosperity .