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An Awesome Truth

Truth is always bitter, but certain times it can be awesome too. I was shaken ,when I heard the dispassionate ,wicked remark of a close relative , from one of my subordinates. It was so callous , so stinking , so horrible to hear.  I stood aghast . I shuddered  . I was numbed for a few moments. Then , my original self took control of the situation. I resumed my calmness . I regained my composure. Gradually , the smile dismantled the frown in my face. The ease disbanded   the shock . The feeling ,that the world  is also made up of mean minded, foul mouthed , wreckless beings  assuaged my desperation.

The mode of gulping everything at one stroke has been the operation concept of my close relative , right from childhood. Whatever he grabs, grabs is the right word, and it has come to me unassumingly,is shoved into his mouth,whether he needs , or whetner he is hungry. Now , in his early sixties , this exercise has been faithfuly followed by him , in the case of family properties and income. He seizes all that comes into his hand , as he is the seniormost member, enjoys the full benefits, makes merry with his coterie , who are a band of useless fellows.He is not bothered about his siblings, his nephews, his nieces, It is he and his family, that are entitled to the largess ,according to his scheme.I annihilated the presence of this man from my thinking.It is worthy  to talk with people with brains and decorum , than with men posessing empty heads and arrogance. Etranging  myself from the family, I maintained a solid income and a potential growth in a short span of two years. This irked the evil minded man. He was waiting for a chance to cross my ways, to antagonise me, and wanted to make a deep furore in my resolution.

The  ill conceived design ,the devastating diagram , raked my demeanour. The caustic deceit devoured my genial spirit. The acidic phrase ransacked my poise. He was successful in delivering a  short stint of stumping down . He was triumphant in shattering the faith in  my determination. But it lasted only for a while.

The stoicism  and the confident firmness  of which I am made off took the better of me. I am back. I am the same old self once again.