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An Unspecific Viscosity

There seems to be nothing great. There seems to be nothing happening. There seems to be an unbelievable calmness. Thers seems to be a restricted activity. The economy is in a lull. The governance is in a mechanical rote. The people are in a disorganised   schedule. The essence of living is a mulled , mitigated , and attains a serene endeavour.

Nothing is stable. There is an unprecedented rise in the stock market, one day. The next day witnesses a deep truncated tumble.
The economic policies  are totally without synergy and enthusiasm.
The simulation and stimulation is proceeding , but without any vigour and interest.

Why is the  infliction so deep?Why is the penetration so incisive?Why is the energising viccitiude not overwhelming?Why is the  verification so excessive?

A deliberation and an an apprehension embarks. The cross section of the society is in profound disturbance.  The viscosity  of the terminal investigations is so thick ,that the element of doubt and suspicion often goes hand and hand with everyinfringement and exercise.

As the dominance of suspicion is keeping things  in a desperate frustrration, as the inquisitive mind is peeping into every dense thicketted  succour, the march towards fine evolution of prosperous pulling is thoroughly disappiated .

A sincere work, a genuine re work and a systematic examination should be performed to amalgamate glory and peace.