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Trade And Commerce-The Indian Way.

Business lacks ethics, in general,more so in India.The righteous path, the direct approach, the minimum gain, and maximum satisfaction  are the four virtues of  trade. But ,such a straight forward scripture is an outdated  ,obsolete unrealistic ideal.

Commerce is a transaction, between individuals,between companies,between manufacturers,between nations.It is similar to barter of yore. In primeval ages rice was exchanged for metal, wheat was  bought by selling befitting quantity of   vegetables,fruits were procured by disposing cloth,meat was transacted for fodder, cattle were bargained for provisions. This system knew no currency,Money was an alien word. The trade had its own course of movement. There was no intermediaries, no brokers, no transaction fee, no commission, no service tax, and no sales tax. All these “no’s”,kept things in beautiful shape . The progression was present . The durability of prosperity was exemplified. There was consolation.There was enough pride. There was enormous happiness.

Later on, Trade and Commerce underwent a metamorphic transcendence. The currency was introduced, to simplify the process. Instead it muddled up the entire industry. The Pandora’s box was let open. There was an en wrapping methodology of  chaos.The currencies took different names, such as dollar, pound, lira, rupee.They also had varied values.They were in proportion to the gold reserve of the respective country.

With money’s advent, the hornet’s nest was resurrected.The business practice assumed a significant deviation from the accepted norms. The Indian way was a predominant throttle that dumped the integrity,and sincerity to the gra ve.The Indian businessman took law unto his hands. He hoarded goods, shelved them in godowns, bribed the officials, and entered into unholy nuances thus demeaning the sanctity of business. Trade , is a child’s play in his hand.Commerce is a puppet like show to this Indian tradesman. He makes politicians dance to his tunes.The cabinet is at his beck and call.The policies are framed as per his wish. The rules are amended as per his whims. The reinforcement of schedules are according to his fancy.The banking sectoe are under his thumbs. The stock exchange dangles to his nods and nots.A dissenting voice is subdued either by force or by money.

The Indian top businessman moves about in kingly dimension. The export and import are a branch of his manipulating majors. Thr tricks he let loose are impressively baffling.The  scheming ,he  deploys  are insensitively wicked.The connivance, he converges is irradically contemptuous.Yet he makes merry,at the expense of his nation. Yet he revels in gaeity at the cost of the people.Yet he enjoys ultimate bliss  foresaking the prosperity of the country.