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A designed Philanthropy

Philanthropy is  a quality  of extraordinary merit.   In its true sense, philanthropy  needs no advertisement, requires no propaganda, . There is a saying in Tamil, ,”valuthu kai kuduppathu iduthu kaiikku theria kudathu”.that which is given by  the right  hand should not be known to the  left hand , is the exact translation  

Does this happen? A person, who donates a tube light does so, afterpainting his name in bold letters.  The love for popularity, the  trend to keep afloat the image of an elite are the seducing factors that drives the people to engage in philanthropic endeavours.

I came across a philanthropist, who  neither  fits into  the real tag o , nor  falls into the acclaimed  discretion of cheap popularity.The Lady, in context, inherited immense wealth in the form of land, business and jewellery.  The documents pertaining to the lands bore her name , The share certificates of the business ,were drawn in her

name . The jewellery , was entitled to her as per the law of inheritance. The  registration of all these material wealth were done in exact format , as per the rules of the government , on the day , when she was born. The lady grew up , in all splendour. She got married , begot children. In the course of all these events, she was also advancing in age. No one can stop  this natural phenomenon.. She was busy rearing her brood,with the hope that all her wealth was in safe hands. It was natural of her to feel so, as the caretaker was her father. So far , so good. Little did she realise the  treacherous connivance that was in force behind her. The parents and her siblings were squandering her accruals.

The innocent lady was deceived by the family. She  was shocked. She was truamatised. She was inconsolable. She could not believe the fact that  her parents also conjoined with her co borns  in looting her wealth.  No one , can believe  so. Poor lady, she has fallen a prey

to the wicked schemes of her  family.The perfidy of the parents is an ignominous pursuit, that lacks sense and truth. The business has  become unprofitable and is under liquidation. The share certificates are mere papers , useless and meaningless, that can be shoved int the dust bin. The  land , has been pledged unauthorisedly. To retrieve it from creditors, funds more than its value are needed. The jewellery has been shared by the  siblings.


What  terminology can be attributed to such insiduous act? The donor has passed on the valuables without touching them , without seeing them. without enjoying them.Is it not of greater magnitude than philanthropy?