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Deficits Many

The deficit which is talked  with firm measurement, which is addressed with grea t attention , which is followed with much curiosity, and which finally aims to clench the hot spot of the arena is the financial discrepency.

Finance plays a vital role in this materialistic world.  Most feel that finance is the be end of  the entire discretions. But , it is not so .Finance , is a trivial echo of the assigned portfolios of man.The money, we earn, is to be utilised ,for the welfare of the family in particular and for the uplift of the society in general.The deficit ,we experience,will surely land us in unthinkable trouble. The existence will become difficult. This suppressing tension will lead to mental spasm. The insecurity which arise  will affect the mind. The  complex developed will assume gigantic proortions , once the  tighteness inthe resources arrives at a determintal level.

The restlesness of the mind  is so oppressing that the physic gets waned. The exhaustion numbs the mobilty.The strained  physic makes  a detiorarating stance. .The illness that afflicts the body plays havoc  rendering it a bag of bones ,capable of doing nothing.

The financial instabilty ,if taken seriously ,brings about a cyclic reaction ,as seen above. The alluring deviation of material abundance should not cross the human existence. This ups and downs in prosperity , is but a normal occurrence , as we perceive dawn and dusk. A too much attachment to worldly pleasures , turns life unworthy. It derides the quality of living. It throws out of proportion the beauty of life.

A detached equanamity  towards material pursuits will enhance the essence of life. Care and caution are to be enforced to monitor wealth. But that should not become an obsession. There are other distinctions that have high value. The formidable revenue ,we get from life is not material wealth but an overallgrowth of personality . The showcase of richness is not money , but the physical wellness and mental contentment. Happiness does not come in pounds and dollars , but in the outlook and perception, in elegance and style, in approach and advance..