The Days That Are

Hot and warm the afternoons are,
unfit to lie and relax.

Perspire and breathe throughout the day
a suffocation on the stretch.

Intend not to turn the Air conditioner
prefer natural breeze.

Alas, the wind has turned warm
bruises the skin as it blows.

The evenings are sultry
with dry current.

The walk, I undertake,
makes me uncomfortable.

Needless to say of the nights
I stay in bed with eyes open.


A Skill I Mastered

I prefer to keep the books,
work with  diligence.
Learnt the art,
call it a science,
with a passion.

Did not know to read
or compile profit and loss.
Have been oblivious
to credit and debit,
Struggled to master.

I can understand
the nuances, able to tally
the flows, inward and outward
complete the statements
calculate the taxes.

A way to use my brains,
rusted all these years
I outwit my auditors.
A skill, I acquired
makes me proud.



The One For The Other

I for him,
she for he,
goes the gossip
does not end
knows no boundary,
continues with a fervour
an insignificant one


Age Being A Factor

I contemplate
with an apprehension.
Will this one look nice?
or the alternative? I think.

Unable to decide, I trot
up and down.
How to go? I break my head,
in a predicament.

I, who decide fast
pause for a time
sit on the issue for a time
find no resolution.

Why? I ask myself
Introspecting I wonder
what has gone wrong?
Age, I confirm.


A Narrative

Could be a story,
could be an experience,
the descriptions weave,
twine the episodes

Hear the narrative
with attention
could not divert
the mind, remain

About a girl
her innocence
renders her charming
a personification
of grace.

The virtue of her outlook
extends a fascination
nothing can match
either the lovely stars
or the moon.

Impressive and illustrative
the uninterrupted flow
along with the theme
keeps me spellbound.


I Am Not Fortunate

I have not achieved laurels.
They outwit me.
I have more or less secured
but slip at the last moment.

I am back in the seat.
Wait for another event.
They appear in a quick
I give my best, overly knocked.

Introspecting, I identify no glaring
deficiency, but I settle precise
out of the prime.
I am disturbed.

What could be the reason?
I fail to recognize.
Might be I am not fortunate.
nor I am blessed.






Who Will Answer?

Fire swipes across a monument,
the frescoes tumble,
the pillars give way,
the roof falls.

Happens in the night,
the shops crumble in the flames.
the fire engines arrive late
damage is extensive.

The heritage site,
a temple of renown
encounters calamities
one after another.

Is it a sign of ill omen?
ask the majority.
Is it God’s indignation?
intorspect the rest.

The administration  remains quiet.
who will answer?
Might be the Gods?