Fragments Make The Full

Living the first
twenty years
with parents
and siblings
an experience
in itself.

A carefree life
schooling, college going
no decision to make
nothing of a kind
of responsibility, mostly
one of adjustments.

Away from twenty
a life on your own
with a family ,
husband and children
right or wrong
basically yours.

Three decades after
it is one and two
of wife and husband,
older and wiser
composed and withdrawn
more or less in solitude.

This goes on
till the end comes
both cannot go
hand in hand
one overtakes,
the other lags
appointment pending,.

Meantime, we quarrel,
fight, argue, bits of life
enjoy, travel, work
fragments of existence
one overlaps the other
finally merge with eternity.
Eternal, everlasting!


Retain Yourself

it is a big show
the wind blows
gains momentum
dispels the heat
so far generated,
a light shower follows,
a drizzle like , then retreats,
the speedy wind, slows down
within half an hour
the status is regained,
the warmth takes up
the show comes to an end.

Man is known for his ostentation,
nature, of late, has adopted
his tactics, Plays hide and see.
Seems to extend a bounty,
withdraws when appropriate
to deliver. Good gracious!
putting forth a request
do not behave like man,
do not learn his treachery,
stay as you are, majestic,
magnificent and benign,


Hari Raya 2020

Hari Raya Aidilfitir.
the festival of
breaking the fast
comes this year
with a serenity

It is one of prayer in the puasa
month held in congregation,
a community gathering,
that part goes missing
this year.

With the mosques
remaining closed
people pray from home
the celebrations turn modest
but packed with piety.

This Hari Raya
turns out to be a plea
to Allah seeking the
blessings of the

one of a beseech
to save the country, as well
the world from the Corona
virus, a pandemic that spreads
faster than fire.

Allah will condescend
for sure, bless the race
grant a relief,
and place every other
in consistent peace.


Infectious And Infection

Days pass without fanfare,
It is a few phone calls
that keep me engaged.

The rest of the day
I work but nothing
spectacular as all.

This being regular
during recent lockdowns
I am bored.

The past two months
I have heaved more
than the times so long.

I feel the curfew is a waste
the exercise has not brought
down the spread.

The viral grows rapid,
says the media being
ones who blow loud.

Recoveries, fatalities
are reported country wise
and state wise.

I could not espy
the curve turn flat
instead it rises up.

Chaotic it is all about,
fear has faded into oblivion
I hear the bustle.

The cheer I find around
is emotive. It is infectious.
The infection will get lost soon.



Coercive Distraction

Having come across
a lot of people
I find the one,
let us call her Pooja,
a coercive distraction,

neither bound by looks
nor carried away
by her wit, the case
I scrutinize is none
other than her attitude.

She sports a smile
not disarming
at any cost, nor
insightful, but
diplays impudence.

Pooja covers her vile
with a craftiness,
behaving pleasant
while she nurtures
despicable schemes.

Arrogance takes the better
of her. It is her welfare,
her decision, her move
always, She does not acknowledge
others and the placements.

Pooja is akin to a wolf
in a sheep’s coat,
manipulates extensively
falls on her knees
when she fails,

in frequencies
measured by time
and distance.


Never Could I

The wind blows
spreading a coolness
one very pleasant
overtakes the output
of any artificial
cooling systems,
unable to enjoy
as it is already
late in the night.

With reluctance
I close the door
retire, but the
natural breeze
calls me, I sit up,
want to open the door
and sit in the patio.
Never could !


Know Not Why?

Not of his nature
to be quiet,
he keeps aloof
for reasons unknown.

He teases with a mock,
humiliates with pleasure
displaces anyone
with an ease.

Egoistic and pungent
he is haughty , overthrows
belittles even the smartest,
turns quiet all too soon.

Has he mellowed? I ask.
Is he caught in between?
I ponder for a while.
I find no answer.

Setting aside my deliberations,
I go about my way as though
unconcerned. Lo! his scathing
remarks and jibes do not
allow me to sit in peace.



Children are children
as long as they
are left alone.

They turn adults,
I mean in behaviour
when tutored.

Obvious. as I delineate
a small child very loving
as could be

a week back, behaves
odd recently, distances altogether
shows no recognition.

Incredible it is. Hard to
understand, harder still
to find a reason.

An attitude strange
but true. I am naive.
unaware of such nuances.


An Exasperation

The day seems long
the nights longer,
doing the same thing
day in and day out.
makes me dull.

I foresee nothing great
in days to come,
wake up and sleep
could be the schedule.
boring really.

Never had I experienced
such a moratorium,
a denial and a wait,
one of a universal

The world sleeps
with a discomfort,
rises with an even more
disturbance, a schedule
it has to cope up.

Not the case of a wish
or dislike, whatever
it might be, we have to pass
never pause as the cases
turn to be.


His Geniality

A cool breeze knocks my face,
a relief from the stuffy interiors.
as I sit in the steps the floor warm.

Settling down with strain,
my knees too rigid to bend,
I watch a sturdy young man,

staring through the interludes,
does not seem an intruder
nor he looks familiar.

He stays there for a time
adjusts his mask, removes the gloves
ransacks his bag.

I attempt to get up,
worried, he opens the gate
crosses the driveway.

Gathering myself in panic
I make haste to go inside.
Before I could, he climbs the steps.

Hiding my nervousness, I sport
a smile. He folds his hands in ‘
respect, hands an invitation.

Gently he solicits my presence
requests to bless him
on his wedding.

I curl up. I appear mean
while the young man
showcases reverence.