Coercive Distraction

Having come across
a lot of people
I find the one,
let us call her Pooja,
a coercive distraction,

neither bound by looks
nor carried away
by her wit, the case
I scrutinize is none
other than her attitude.

She sports a smile
not disarming
at any cost, nor
insightful, but
diplays impudence.

Pooja covers her vile
with a craftiness,
behaving pleasant
while she nurtures
despicable schemes.

Arrogance takes the better
of her. It is her welfare,
her decision, her move
always, She does not acknowledge
others and the placements.

Pooja is akin to a wolf
in a sheep’s coat,
manipulates extensively
falls on her knees
when she fails,

in frequencies
measured by time
and distance.