His Geniality

A cool breeze knocks my face,
a relief from the stuffy interiors.
as I sit in the steps the floor warm.

Settling down with strain,
my knees too rigid to bend,
I watch a sturdy young man,

staring through the interludes,
does not seem an intruder
nor he looks familiar.

He stays there for a time
adjusts his mask, removes the gloves
ransacks his bag.

I attempt to get up,
worried, he opens the gate
crosses the driveway.

Gathering myself in panic
I make haste to go inside.
Before I could, he climbs the steps.

Hiding my nervousness, I sport
a smile. He folds his hands in ‘
respect, hands an invitation.

Gently he solicits my presence
requests to bless him
on his wedding.

I curl up. I appear mean
while the young man
showcases reverence.