Rains All Of A Sudden

A crashing sound,
the electrical transformer.
bursts with a noise.

As usual, power goes off
I sit in the dark
listening to thunder.

Another loud noise,
a branch of the Mango tree
falls down with a thud.

Before I could realize
a big arm of the Neem tree

My Volkswagen bears the brunt,
The broken branch inches
a way off the bonnet.

It feels a brush, survives
the crash with little

I walk to the patio
the cane chairs
are in a tumble.

The cushions lie
soaked in water. The porch
is drenched.

All happened in
an hour, a chaos
as seen and felt.

My parched garden
devours as much
water as it can.

A revival I should
discover in a few days
one of rise in water table,