Stay Safe

At home all these forty days
lockdowns 1, 2, now 3 
 on the move, thought 
I could relax when they began . it turned 
otherwise. Cooking, cleaning, 
gardening, washing, and what not 
and what else turned me 
into a busy bee,

It is the legs that plead 
for mercy. Squatting, bending, 
 running to the gate, rushing to the kitchen,
 give the knees an ache,  sharp 
 and stabbing,  Sitting and sleeping
  turn painful.. I go on limping
 unable to depute anyone 
as all my helpers stay home safe.

No time to think about 
anything,  A passing look 
at the newspapers  where 
 Corona’s trajectory 
sends a lump down the throat,
I speed to my laundry, the washing 
machine comes down with a noise,
 water overflowing.