Irrationally Passionate –Book Review

I feel the title could have been ” Exceptionally Passionate.”

Jason, as he says, disciplined himself. He did 1000 pull ups a day gave him the mindset to concentrate. The Muay Quay training taught him not to express pain. He quits smoking. drinking, behaving atrocious by following the sacred books and exercising. He is born Jain, draws inferences from Jainism emulates Mahavira’s teachings,reveres Shiridi Sai Baba.

He is not born in a rich family. as we have it ” born with a silver spoon”, but had the fortune to be born to highly educated and well placed parents. Not many would have such a brought up as Jason and his brother Neil. Curious to know, why their father named them as Neil and Jason.

Studious Neil, does well in college,marries his sweet heart and settles in life.
It is Jason who turns round and is in circles all through his schooling,University and enterprise as well.
Booed by his school mates in Hong Kong because he is an Indian,he falls into the trap of big boys,swayed by their illicit practices, finds himself hospitalized, more or less becomes a truant saddening his parents.
His schooling in U.S, does not give him the much wanted reformation. Atrocity is his weapon, beats and hurts whoever crosses him. His mother reprimands him when he returns to Hong Kong. Orders him to mend his ways.His brother’s fiance makes him realize his level, throws light on how he should resurrect himself from the undoings. Jason is hurt. Soon he opens up to reality and senses that he had wasted his life so far.

From Carnegie Mellon he goes to Wharton. The business studies, theoretical. as always, sharpen his wit. The thirst to conquer rises up at this juncture. He wants to experiment practically what Wharton teaches him. With his friend Kunal he demonstrates “Sprayit” before a bunch of Wharton Professors, which was appreciated but the duo did not go ahead.

Jason read comics and wanted to revive Valiant, the one which created hundreds of comic characters. He did a small business when he bought Valiant comics in Hong Kong, after reading sold them for a profit. His long time friend Dinesh did his part of work from California in bidding for Valiant. Jason researched day and night, went to the ware houses with his attorney, scrolled through the documents, scrutinised the business notes, arrived at a price of $600000 to close the deal. He lost at the final bidding. His opponent bid few thousand dollars more and clinched the deal.
Jason’s disappointment did not last long.He got a call from his lawyers saying the deal was a shady one and he is into the fray on again. Jason bought the company with his family and friend investing but for two years he struggled. Converted the tables in the train station as his office, later his one bedroom apartment in New York, He appointed experienced and high paid executives who had handled Valiant. His money was draining and relationship soured.His mother told him to quit and take up a job. Jason continued the marathon. He achieved whatever he wanted and as he says one should know when to unplug. He sells the company to DMG Entertainment for 100 million dollars.

Jason loves India much more than any place. Recalls his days with his grandparents in Rajkot. The simple life of his grandparents in Rajkot hastened his homecoming,. He settles down in Mumbai relishing the much enamoured South Indian food. Before he could unpack calls from Housing. Com popped up to stop the downward trend it was envisaging. Again it is hard work that pulls him to the toes. He goes through dozens of interviews and finally becomes the CEO of backed by Soft Bank. He works with a gusto. Challenges and confrontations do not deter him. Retrenching 1000 employees sucks his life out. .For an year and half he engages himself wholly to put back on the map of success.

Before he could relish his victory, Kunal, his friend, needs his service. It is Snapdeal. One other venture with Soft bank support. Jason brings with him the team which set right Housing. Com, Encore sending back employees home, hiving off companies unproductive which weigh on the Company’s revenue did exasperate Jason, Not one hard nut but three nuts to crack. He does turn around but with schedules, some caused pain, certain others hurt, most brought results. In the end Snapdeal comes to the limelight. It is time for Jason to leave. Before he could Embrear from Saudi wishes to hire him. Jason joins the board.

“Irrationally Passionate” apparently becomes Exceptionally Passionate with a packages of wisdom, the seven pillars that hold afloat enterprises. Resilience, Jason, says, is vital for any venture to succeed. Be it in life or enterprise, I chime.

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