Gods Too !

Goddess Meenakshi’s
cheeks blush, her eyes
look down, she plays with her toes
on the floor, her smile
is one of shyness being
teased by her friends.

She longs to get a glimpse
of her prince charming,
Lord Sunderswarar,
fair and handsome
enters the “adi veethi”
followed by the retinue,

Meenakshi, dark in complexion
sees Sundareswarar, Then
she looks at herself, loathes,
feeling let down by her
colour. She is a beauty,
imperious and powerful.

The time approaches,
Meenakshi is full with excitement,
Sunderswarar smiles at her
as he holds her hand, The soft
feather like fingers twine
with the strong ones.

Sunderswararr ties the knot.
Mantras and music
compete with each other.
The crowd go ecstatic.
Flowers from all direction
fall on the newly weds.

As the world is locked down,
Gods have to tie with the human,
Meenakshi and Sunderewarar
get married with few to witness,
to the Vedic chant and music
The grandeur is missed.
Sadness enfolds.