deliberation foe. migrate Poetry

The Sun And The Snow

The snow falls

 causing a slippery floss

a slide so lovely at the cross

 very much die to see the snow toss.

 I have seen only the sun’s rays

causing an itchy trace

that scorches and heats up with a brace

die to migrate in any case.

The snowy storms rebels

a blizzard that forces a  stumble.

The sun glares and glitches

a perspiration that ditches.

Would the snow be better?

 or would it fetter?

Would the sun be best?

 or would put you to test?

I deliberate for long

sun and snow as I am a belong

where sunlight  stays long

as the warmth extends a belong.

I decide not to move

as the not so kind  sun proves

a better counterpart to snow

Well! Sun would never be my foe.

Haiku Poetry

A Tedium –Haiku

It is tedious

imbibing, inscribing, imitating and indulginginscribing

strain very obvious

Poetry quixotic Sexagenarian

An Immature Sexagenarian

A man well into sixty-eight

behaves like a boy of eight

happened to see him  in tatters

came rushing out of his quarters

with curiosity mounting to  find out

what is happening in the third building of his

rushed indoors in no time in a whiz

as his brother who  came out of his office

returned to pick up some trophies

I sat there bemused all through

witnessing the episode without any clue

but that is so much of him so frivolous

posing himself to be sincere but very dubious

know there exist a strained relation between the both

the brother does not set eye on him as quoth

the sixty-eight-year-old man prods and probes

finds every way to know about his sibling  in throes

a funny, immature man  I conclude

heimmature man is a quixotic character with an include

of  assuming he is a wizard all the more

while he is a stupid creature in the go.

Poetry thoughts wait

The Wait Unsure

It cannot be termed new

these are  there for  years few

it is not a bolt from the blue

it comes and goes like the dew

a few months here I knew

other days away I knew

this alibi is there for in lieu

of my original which flew

I  have every cause to rue

think of the comforts  I enjoyed now overdue

recently going through an ordeal true

a bit of the sample taken as  a waitcue

makes me awry and robs my hue

I hover  for what I am not sure

perhaps a wait for the pass unsure.

free verse. missing Poetry

Away From The Usual

A little while from now

 I would not hear  in all

 the quarrels of my maids

 the blames   with a spitefulness

 the shouts of my cook for nothing

his stealthy withdrawals  seen and unseen

 the worldly advice of my driver to all around

preaches he with a force never practises

 the  divine communique of my watchman

 who links every event to the Lord

 says he that God made them all

 the screech of the vehicles

 plying up and down  the road

 know not where they go

and for what they go

turning next door, I hear

 the blindfold recitation of children

 with the teachers  at the top of their voice

teach alphabets  in a tone monotonous

while numbers one, two and three etc

come in a sequential flow

the hawkers cry calling out

 banana, banana, orange oranges

 till their voice turns hoarse

 going to go away from this place  of sound

 away from the hustle and bustle

 far away for a fortnight on to the wilderness

have to go without the usual  used surround

 I am going to miss them all obviously

 a yearning almost for a time from now

 Oh! am I going to miss you for long?


dedication motivation Poetry renown

The Theorem Of Fame.

Fame would come in any ways

be you a writer of plays

else be you a cartoonist

you a politician with sway

or  be you a cartoonist all gay

also, a wise man growing grey

the renown comes your way

when you go about with a dedication

when you  perform with a motivation

when you attempt with a resolution

none can stop you from attaining fame

be it not an  effect tame

be it one  without blame

that would put others to shame

and make you rise in fame and name.hall of fame

fatigue Poetry

A Tiring Day

it is a  very tiring day

almost at home the full  day

yet felt very tired  in a way

the day is different  anyway

with a lot of things  in view

many more waiting in the queue

some more to be placed in lieu

others have to be looked for the due

those are the things in few

that makes me tired

and now I am fixed  with glue.After_a_tiring_day_by_xXDiceXx

banter Poetry

Two Leaders Meet.

The leaders meet

cordially greet

embrace each other

call themselves as brothers

compliment one another

pose together

comes then the question

very much required for the destine

how many hours do you sleep?

pops  out  the reply  with a beep

three hours a day says one

five hours says the other one

follows  then an empty laughter

Should  you call it a banter?

as these obama-modi1talks do not cause a matter.

charm free verse. holy Poetry

The Magnificence Of Tulasi

Tulasi leaves are considered  holy

the small little leaves  they are

grow  on a  plant  not big

spread   a grace

send  an aroma pleasant

they, in my part of  the  land

are worshipped  with piety

by women  with  ardent devotion

tended with care in a pot

having elaborate designs

resemble a stupa like structure

every morn  the women water the plant

keep sindhoor and draw kolams

enhancing the divine charm

they perform an aarathi  with dedication

go around the stupa thrice  with eyes closed

prostrate before the Tulasi tulasi plant

a belief that has  been bequeathed by elders

followed by generation after generation

well, the basil gives prosperity to her devotees

that  be the magnificence of the plant

awareness Poetry

The Strange Poem

The writing is strange

the style is stranger

the words are archaic

the structure strangest.

The poem struck me.

I  read it again

then again and again

sounded very genuine.

The style as such was different

not very coherent

but  seemed to be a melody

rhapsodical and

The words are simple

could be  understood easily

they are there with an ease

very cordial and pleasant.

The strangeness I find

both in words and style

add up to the charm

quaint and enlivening.

The poem elicits a grandeur

modelled on a structure

ordinary yet extraordinary

great and celestial.

Strange goes with divine

as it hovers round the unknown

a halo perhaps unseen

strange-attractor-crop an awareness of a bliss.