Daily Archives: January 4, 2015

God Who Made Us All

Well done! very well done!

you have won

said all one by one

sat there she amazed

curiously  she  gazed

remained there unfazed

she got up straight

stood there bright

said she in a tone right

it is “God who made usGod made Us All all”.

Not I, nor you, could give a call

if not for Him in all.

The Eloquence

The portrayal was interesting

the narration was enlivening

there was a rapt listening

could only hear the breathing

the characterisation was insightful

the speech was wonderful

with the eloquence resourceful

coloured by  imagination fanciful

the feel of reality was felt all through

the characters were brought to life in true

with the hero making an entry anew

the villain cutting the edge in a breakthrough

the intermediaries creating a conducive  backdrop

the story telling broke  the barriers in a split

looking as though the monologue had hit

the technique was never tiring a bit

an ovation came from all sectorseloquence

the speaker was one in a thousand

one who holds everyone in spell bound.