deliberation. Poetry

External And Internal

They are thoughtful

not very grateful

talk wonderful

behave  beautiful

it is a show  external

not so in the internal

where lies  the eternal

a mind so awful

with a tinge of  rueful

and a trait of doleful

could it be bashful?

could it be  joyful?

know what is in full

as they are all handful

either they would be  graceful

or external and internal might be  disgraceful.

Haiku Poetry Polygamy.

Marriage –Haiku

Marriage is beautiful

with one, not with four polygamy12

too many is awful

face Poetry strike

Have Only One.

It is a strike back

not a bashful one

not a slap for that one

but a hurt on the one

a scar on the one

that could mar the one

disintegrate the one

shatter the one

destroy the one

that be the  on  the face

he has for all in one

the only one

anyone can have.face one.