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The External Manifestations.

salubiriousA salubrious weather

cosy and lovely

compels me to  be lazy

I move  not from my place

sit and enjoy the climate

I turn inert and immobile

pass the time on the chair

the external does have an impetus

it casts a reflection on the go

intend a refraction on the  way

a phenomenon radical and rational

like to experience the manifestations

at least once in a year with felicity.

deliberation. Poetry

External And Internal

They are thoughtful

not very grateful

talk wonderful

behave  beautiful

it is a show  external

not so in the internal

where lies  the eternal

a mind so awful

with a tinge of  rueful

and a trait of doleful

could it be bashful?

could it be  joyful?

know what is in full

as they are all handful

either they would be  graceful

or external and internal might be  disgraceful.


The Defeat And Triumph

The back ground being serene 

the forefront being jubilant

there be a contradiction

there existed a vie a confrontation

between the external and the internal

the outwardly show gleaming and glittering

the inward struggle caressing and  pressing

there always be a distinction between the front and back

a difference between the interior and exterior

that being apparent in the real and the fake

there goes the great shadow fight

that ends up with the truth overcoming the lies

after much of a defeat in the initial

but getting overwhelmed by triumph  in the end

that be the essence of truth in the  vigorous sense,external vs internal