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Integrity Tested

Down ,down goes the  lies.

Wrapped up with many tries,

Concealing each other in  a dice,

Forging  ruthless flies.



Truth stands alone,

In a  flattery zone,

Where it is  thrown

By the windy blown.



Yet it stands up above,

The restless  grove,

Of tantalizing move,

And disquieting  rove



It  hovers  over a platitude,

Of infirm fortitude,

Going through a coveted  ingratitude,

As it accost a rebellious latitude.



It resists the tempting allure,

By holding a stately demur,

As it  shunning the facile glamour,

With a shielding   armour.



Integrity clones with  honesty

By slicing the fiction out of the  priority,

As it accepts  the directions of morality,

By discarding the dubious   activity.



Integrity undergoes  much  hardship,

As it gets battered by the whip,

Still it bears the tedious strip,

With a poised  graceful flip

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Impertinence Glorified

Intelligence is a gift,

To a limited few,

Who with a sharp wit,

Rise above the blue.

Impertinence is a prize,

To  generally most,

Who with their cries,

Demoralize everything  almost.

Impertinence  harps on a discordant note,

Raps on a deviated  tone

By delivering  in rote,

A capricious  groan

The impertinent  brash ,

Moves  with the air of  arrogance

With damn  insolence and rash,

Casting a  feverish abuse.

The world glorifies  the audacious,

Celebrates the saucy irrelevance,

As it  extends   a nettled sacrilegious,

Supportive incognito  deference.

Law also tags  with them,

As the solicitors are mouth piece ,

For liars and  highly condemn,

The idealistic intelligence.

As such  stupidity runs riot,

Leaving a mass endorsement,

Of substandard  effect,

Reaping a disqualified discernment.

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Demand And Delay

As the demand is  high

Delay is  more.

So goes the cry,

Affecting the core.



Craving calls for instantaneous,

It compels an immediate,

But there is an erroneous,

Unexpected tardiness right.



Desire commands an impromptu,

It wishes to achieve fast,

But there is a de-facto,

Lethargic reluctance  cast.



We  should   strive to set  in motion,

A powerful momentum,

Of  speed and notion,

To   indulge in a  strong dictum.



To appease a  lawful demand,

There should be a  quorum,

Which should reprimand,

The  trespassing forum.



To  obtain the birthright,

There should be no  hurdle

As that of the executor’s  right,

Supported by the solicitor’s   doodle.



There seems to be a probable

Cohesion of executor and lawyer,

To grab the  beneficiary’s reliable,

Share and  properties  entire.



Law and governance should  admonish,

The  corrupt lawyer and wicked executor

By focussing on image tarnish,

And locking them before the prosecutor.


This may sound little away,

As it looks more personal,

But this happens in a sway,

Blinking on us like  irrational.



There  is no logical reason,

But wicked manoeuvering,

Loaded with cynicism and treason,

Creating a loathsome  bickering.

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A Little While Ago.

A golden fish was dangling,

In a silvery pond,

A little while ago.

A lazy black cow was grazing,

On a green pasture,

A little while ago.


A venomous snake was hissing,

Across a brown thicket ,

A little  while ago.


A stubborn ass was braying,

Over a rusty  fence,

A little while ago.



A galloping horse was neighing .

Across a grey tunnel,

A little while ago.



A beautiful   bunch of rose

Was beckoning  with a pinky hue ,

A little while ago.



A   fragrant   lovely jasmine,

Was dancing in its its milky white,

A little white ago.



A pretty little girl

Was   smiling with  cheerful bright,

A little while ago.



A cute tiny little star,

Was twinkling in the dark sky,

A little while ago.



I saw all the beauty,

I heard all the melody,

Only a little while ago.

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Thaw And Melt

Thaw and melt seem similar,

But they actually are dissimilar,

Such that many frequencies

Differ in  subtle tendencies,

Bringing a  process familiar,

Which look absolutely unfamiliar.




It is a pleasure,

To watch snow thaw,

Slowly and steadily it starts,

Losing its fluffy form,

To a slushy soluble,

Shredding its snowy white glamour.



The stiffness slightly gets out,

While the numbness  gets away,

Performing a flexible play,

Promising an alert pray,

By striking a right chord,

At the propitious moment.




It is a desire,

To espy ice melt,

Quickly and hastily into water,

Dissolving into a liquid form

To a lively stream,

Of a lovely bluish silver.



The heat accelerates the  change,

Reducing into an almost  non-existence,

Mellowed into a mature state,

By undergoing a  physical process,

Which tags with it a mental stability,

Creating a less intense distinction.




Melting and thawing  generally

Are found in nature,

Recording a program of change,

Indicating that Change ,

Is the only thing,

Permanent and existential

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Lot Of Ways To make Money

Many billionaires around,

Are newly found,

As they rise up  ,

In wealth and status

They lose  out,

In faith and repute.



The nouveau rich seen across,

Are a tribe in a toss,

Since they grow up like a creeper,

Climbing up in a  startle

Eating out the  tree  deeper.



The  much loaded man down,

Walks stately with an imaginary crown,

Exhibiting his celebrated  grandeur,

Accumulated through a plunder,

Though not direct but through insider trading,

Amassing a  heavy fortune  in  hedge funding.

The executive  rides in a Mercedes,

Gesturing an  elaborate precedence,

With  unlimited authority and arrogance,

Pulling out the cream from the pie,

Then illustrate a sincere plough through,

Provoking  a  sobbing cry.



The politician flies in a charter,

Motioning a serious barter,

With the nations  poor and developing,

Addressing a series of conventions,

By eliciting and enumerating the potholes,

In the system of renovations..



Bail outs are for the economies,

To come out of the ignominious,

But  they serve the statesmen,

Their kinsmen and businessmen,

To tug and tug  and pull and pull  the package,

Lo!Little do we know of making money

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A Disappearance

If appearances are  deceptive,

Then disappearances are a reality,

As we feign and act,

So we escape and perform,

Leaving an illusion  ,

By processing a virtuosity,

Registering a viability,

By  implying a facility,

Trying to instil,

A melodramatic skill,

That leads to a cynical,

Extraneous insignificance,

Mustering a  courageous valour,

In the pretext of a social vibe,

Which directs to a delinquency,

Of an  acclaimed  honour,

Reversing the trend of discipline ,

To a  gross   rowdy,

Preparing the grounds of legality,

To approve the illicit imbeciles,

Trekking towards a motivation,

Of greed and distemper.

Pronouncing a faulty criteria,

of Cheat and ignominy,

Marking a scene of disappearance,

To hide from truth and factual.

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Enquiring chimes

When do you feel let out?

Not only when you are in wrong,

But also when you are  in song,

Pretty well when you long ,

To differ from the crowd.



When do you  experience difficulty?

Not only when  you  cannot solve,

But also when you can absolve,

Very much when you resolve,

To  work out vigorously.



Why do you often stumble?

Not only when you take a  false  gait

But also when you   make a   step right

More so when there is a great  plight,

To recover from  the tumble.



Why do you invariably fail?

Not only when you are a laggard trail,

But also a go ahead sail.,

Even  when you reconcile to a bail,

There blinks a curious  frail.



Why so ?this  sustains

What for ? this pertains,

How  well ? this maintains.

In the world of  feign and drains,

Insisting an eventual  disdain.

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A Passion

Writing is my passion,

It calls for distinction,

As it is a creation,

With exact narration,

Linking with  reason,

Smothered with  imagination,

Believed to be a translation,

Of the mind’s explanation,

Described as an expression,

Of the heart’s emotion,

Enraptured in a navigation,

Of losing  one’s identification,

Sailing in a deemed premonition,

Of grand splendid celebration

Spurring an exuberance of reverberation,

That of spontaneous  revelation,

Of rejoice and exhilaration


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A Sin

To hurt others

Is a sin,

To cheat others,

Is a sin,

To disappoint others

Is a sin,

To fight with others ,

Is a sin,

To destroy others,

Is a sin,

To take vengeance on others,

Is a sin,

To speak ill of others,

Is a sin,

To loan to others ,

Is a sin,

To take decision for others ,

Is a sin.

What is it then ?

If others be wicked to us,

It is not a sin,

Accept and live,

Then living

Becomes a sin.