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The Sparrow And Me

Tweeting all the way,

Down its causeway,

The little sparrow,

Sits on my window.



I go about my way,

Addressing my routine pay,

While the sparrow,

Flutters at the window,



I attend to the  call,

Of a distinct claim tall,

As the sparrow,

Chirps from my window.




I move around  the house,

Taking time to browse,

When the sparrow,

Perches above the window.




I finish up my chores,

Then close all my doors,

At once the sparrow,

Whistles across the window.




I  take a short  nap,

From the rigorous  lap,

Inching the sparrow,

Cackles from  the window.




Only now I barely see

This tiny lovely  wee,

Longingly  the sparrow,

Bids adieu from the window