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A Midnight Call

The night was sombre and  still,

It was a dark and dreary  fill.

No stars to twinkle and  thrill,

Bereft of special  delight and frill.




The house  was in  a deep silence,

Everyone was asleep  by preference,

There was no possible reference,

But  there existed a plausible  observance .



Disquieting the  sullen  eloquence,

A shrill ring  triggered from a distance,

Awakening the household in deference,

Jolting everyone to incoherence.



Fumbling I make it to the phone,

Tumbling  I respond in a subdued  tone,

To   a shrill voice strange and  unknown,

While the caller  dropped the receiver down.



Cursing the  unfamiliar voice,

I go back  without a choice,

To my bed with no rejoice,

Seeking a fresh and  delicate invoice.