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Pains Are Too Many

Pains  are  so many,

They may seem uncanny

To talk about  them,

Is worth a penny.



The head wails  and reels

While it  suddenly  feels

A shooting and  splitting ache,

Through the routine  deals.



The eyes  prick and burn

In the fiery  terrible  sun,

As it experiences a  bloody irritation,

Enduring a  stress  laden reddish run.



The nose   locks,

In the biting  wintry  stocks,

As it catches  an infection,

Causing  a severe terrific  nasal block.



The neck sprains,

In a tough ordeal  drain,

Going through  a  stiff position

Proceeding  with  an unbearable strain.



The heart slows  on

As the pulse  falls  down,

While  it fails  to pump blood ,

Leading to  a  total break down.



The intestines  mourn

With  a  deficit  born

Succumbing to  a pernicious virus

Caving into a hazardous zone.



The hands  fumble

In a  shameful  tumble,

As they stabilize   a paralytic move,

Wishing for a therapeutic  preamble.



The legs sob and  weep,

As  they stumble steep,

With a   stifling difficult   pain,

Tracing into  intermittent peep.



The incessant intolerable  aches,

Throughout the systematic   stakes,

Cause an impromptu  intricate   strain

That torments and devastates  all makes.