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I Remember My Mother.

I recall the  golden hours

When I was caressed by you

I retrospect the  days,

When I was reprimanded by you

I think about the years,

When I felt close to you

I recollect the period,

When I was scoffed by you

I recapture the events,

When  I was blessed by you,

I restructure the  anecdotes ,

When I was ejected by you.

I saw the two sides of you,

The good in my younger days,

The bad in my older  years.

Let the affection  be  a  dream,

Let the friction  be  an illusion.



I  remember your  unfathomable  love alone,

I retrace  your  cherished thoughts alone,

I   renew your  graceful behests alone.

Which   have made me ,

What  I am today,

Which has given  me the tenacity,

That I carry with pride..

Which  has  endowed me with acumen,

That   aids me in my progress,

It is an inheritance,

That  none can deny me.



I hear  your   firm voice

Bidding me to  work hard,

I visualise your  stern eyes,

Commanding  me to talk less,

I feel  your  strong presence,

Ordering me to do more.

I see in your  astounding execution,

Great skill and talent,

Which you  have passed on to me,

Which none could  grab or plunder.


Yet , you in course of years,

Fell down from your elite status,

Of comfort and luxury,

Tumbled  down  from your citadel,

Of fame and name.

While ,I stood watching your ignominy,

Helpless  but in profound grief.



Ma, What went wrong ?

I failed to ask you,

When you were alive.

I tried many a time,

But I never got a chance,

As you were not yourself,

In your last years,

A mere helpless puppet,

In the hands of many,

Who came not from your tribe,

But from a disaster zone,

Robbed you of your pluck,

Deprived you of your luck,

You knowingly or unknowingly,

Became a weakling,

Both in mind and body,

All  at the same time,

Which pushed  you tooblivion,

Never to catch the glory,

Which was yours in prime.


Oh! my dear mother,

Rest you in the grave,

Like a  poor lamb,

Helpless and ignorant.

I still remember you mother,

Not as a lamb,

But as a Lady,

Highly talented and competent.

Let me live ,

With that precious memories alone