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Demand And Delay

As the demand is  high

Delay is  more.

So goes the cry,

Affecting the core.



Craving calls for instantaneous,

It compels an immediate,

But there is an erroneous,

Unexpected tardiness right.



Desire commands an impromptu,

It wishes to achieve fast,

But there is a de-facto,

Lethargic reluctance  cast.



We  should   strive to set  in motion,

A powerful momentum,

Of  speed and notion,

To   indulge in a  strong dictum.



To appease a  lawful demand,

There should be a  quorum,

Which should reprimand,

The  trespassing forum.



To  obtain the birthright,

There should be no  hurdle

As that of the executor’s  right,

Supported by the solicitor’s   doodle.



There seems to be a probable

Cohesion of executor and lawyer,

To grab the  beneficiary’s reliable,

Share and  properties  entire.



Law and governance should  admonish,

The  corrupt lawyer and wicked executor

By focussing on image tarnish,

And locking them before the prosecutor.


This may sound little away,

As it looks more personal,

But this happens in a sway,

Blinking on us like  irrational.



There  is no logical reason,

But wicked manoeuvering,

Loaded with cynicism and treason,

Creating a loathsome  bickering.