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Lot Of Ways To make Money

Many billionaires around,

Are newly found,

As they rise up  ,

In wealth and status

They lose  out,

In faith and repute.



The nouveau rich seen across,

Are a tribe in a toss,

Since they grow up like a creeper,

Climbing up in a  startle

Eating out the  tree  deeper.



The  much loaded man down,

Walks stately with an imaginary crown,

Exhibiting his celebrated  grandeur,

Accumulated through a plunder,

Though not direct but through insider trading,

Amassing a  heavy fortune  in  hedge funding.

The executive  rides in a Mercedes,

Gesturing an  elaborate precedence,

With  unlimited authority and arrogance,

Pulling out the cream from the pie,

Then illustrate a sincere plough through,

Provoking  a  sobbing cry.



The politician flies in a charter,

Motioning a serious barter,

With the nations  poor and developing,

Addressing a series of conventions,

By eliciting and enumerating the potholes,

In the system of renovations..



Bail outs are for the economies,

To come out of the ignominious,

But  they serve the statesmen,

Their kinsmen and businessmen,

To tug and tug  and pull and pull  the package,

Lo!Little do we know of making money