Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

How many Smiths?

It was  a real fun,

Compiling the run,

Of smiths on  a roll.

Listing in a scroll.



Starting with dazzling   goldsmiths,

Crossing  the  shiny silversmiths,

Down to the durable copper smiths .

A conjugation of all  fine smiths.


Renewing with decorative  pewtersmith,

Reaching the strong ironsmiths,

Finally to the basic  blacksmiths.

A congregation  of all  metalsmiths




Locking up with wordsmiths ,

Hanging on to  tunesmiths,

Hovering over playsmiths,

A jumble of all abstract smiths



The suffix smiths ,

Carry on a kith

Of specialized  craft,

And ornamental draft.



Suffix Smith is a forerunner,

To the modern prefix doctor,

It is an archaic  creative,

Befitting the new derivative.




All smiths  make things fine,

To earn and gain,

A skilful profession,

Which demands neat execution.



Do we find  many  more smiths?

Since the tabulation is a myth,

As I missed  the  most practical smiths,

That of  gunsmith and locksmith