Nature And Man.

The nature of Man,

Is the way of nature.



As Thunder cracks the sky,

Man’s anger breaks the cry,

Letting an alarming, deafening sound.



As Lightening blinds the eye,

Man’s temper hits the tie,

Releasing an apprehensive, fearful stigma.





As Nature storms in raucous ,

Man behaves atrocious,

Posing a beastly, wicked   courage.



As nature floods uncontrolled,

Man causes troubles unbridled,

Implicating destruction, havoc  all through.



As nature emits heat  in full  form

Man  discharges fury in exact   norm,

Creating a scorching irritating, sensation.





As nature expresses biting cold,

Man proposes a scorn bold,

Slashing out an inhuman , contemptuous precision.






Nature too at times is pleasant,

Man too at times is  decent,

Delivering a delicate , wishful cordiality.



Man is Nature ,

Nature is Man.