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Obama Intrigued

Obama  is outrageous. His temper is aroused by the issue of bonus to executives of top companies. The bonus part is highly disturbing, and the expectation of these  officials  borders on greed

The economy of the nation is in deep trouble.The companies are making huge loss. There is wide spread wage cut and severe hit on jobs. When everything else is in amiss, the bonus claim by the high ranked officers is demanding and demeaning.

The argument ,put forth by the companies , is that such priorities have to be taken into consideration to retain talent. This objective seems to be baseless and flimsy. Talent is plenty.It is available readily . It can be hired for a lesser pay packet.

The tag of high profile has submerged with  failed economy. Professionalism  has not reached the goal. It has turned way ward. it is clueless . Its target is exclusiveness in pay and perquisites. The sincerity in tending the company, in working for the betterment of their protege,in setting right the earnings,and caring for the welfare of the employees  is totally nil.

The deteriorating standards in management has forced us to put down our heads in shame.Instead of remorse and repentance ,the executives in plum posts demand high salary and higher bonus. . It is a disgrace to the nation , a shame to society and a deformity  to man.

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A friend  I know,

Talks less,

Does more,

Thinks ahead,

Works  tirelessly.

Helps others,

Restricts gossip,

Partakes in gloom,

Participates in glory,

Persuades good cause,

Dissuades  bad thoughts,

Opens out facts

Drives away fiction,

 Signals best omen’,

Dispels worst fear,

Promises faith,

Excludes illusion,

Behests  salutations,

Forbids disrespect,

Weighs concern,

Rejects hatred,

Calls attention,

Controls dissent,

Forgives  faults,

Revives amity,

Inspects affirmity,

Refuses negation,

Assumes humility,

Ignores audacity,

Invites honesty,

Retorts lies,

Insists shrewdity,

Irks rudity,

Levels  veracity,

Balances oddity,

My friend, you are,

An embodiment of Benevolence.

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Ridiculous Excited Illness.

I have heard of air pollution, noise pollution,water  pollution, coal pollution,light pollution , but very faintly about  visual  pollution.

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals,particulate matter or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living beings.

Noise pollution is difficult to define. Noise causes strain,which is a leading cause to suicide and illness.Noise is transient, once the noise is stopped the harm vanishes. It is much different from other pollutants that are introduced into the soil ,air or water.Excess  noise may damage human hearing. But the effect varies according to individuals.

Light pollution has caused unnatural effects. The stars have disappeared from the skies, migration of birds are advanced or delayed by the artificial light.

The contamination of river bodies, lakes ,ponds , oceans and groundwater by human activities is called  water pollution.

Light pollution is an ancillary of industrial revolution. With the advent of industries came all modern gadgets.

Visual pollution is one that offends the eye and impacts our overall well being.It centeres around landscape , or building that the community relents to see.

A particular visual affliction today in Madurai , in Tamilnadu , India , is the hoardings displayed in all the main roads, streets, lanes, bridges and most vantage points. Every year ,this historic city , is pushed into ridiculous excitement, by the ruling party, Dravida Munnetra kazhagam party men. The revelry is the outcome of the birthday  celebration of the party leader Alagiri,. Third week of January is a festive occasion for the party. The posters of Alagiri are devastating.

Alagiri  smiling in starched dhoti, Alagiri with his son , with his daughter, with his brother, and with his famous father Karunanidhi, is seen almost everywhere. Today Madurai exhibits Alagiri in all directions, with praised verses, and epithets, calling him a lion , an emperor, a promosing leader.

The epicurean culture is disgusting. The excitement is unnecessary .The cause for such outlandish exhibitions looks frivolous. The outrageous behaviour is stupefying, Year after year ,such revelry seems to be an wasteful expenditure. By and large the city of Madurai , and the people of Madurai, feel the discomfort to the core, experience the discordance to the maximum .The harmony of the quiet city is dissipated , leading to extraneous  irrelevance and  relative morbidity


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The Economy As It Looks.

The economy looks pretty sour,and badly out of shape.To resurrect economy and make it moving ,we have to take steps severe.

The stimulus package announced by various countries ,seem to project the much debated economy to a prospering eventuality.But the apparent show ,may be eye catchy from one angle, but heart rending from another orbit.

The failed companies have been addressed by the cohesive modalities of the bail out theory. The sinking , ,the almost dead business ,have been  taken up by the rescue outfits and have been offered with extra funds and other procedural aid to retrieve them from the bolt.Many formulas have been worked out to dispel unemployment, which is on the increase. Medical facilities  are to be expanded, infrastructure will be extended and educational amenities will get a glamorous agenda.The spontaneous supervision and stability prone circumventions will encourage the otherwise down trend economy . Many will find employment in the newly structured prologues.

Downsizing the economy by proposed tax cuts and refusal to yield to developmental advocacy’s will lead to disaster.Propositions with feverish rantings ,and projects with negative implications  will pull the trigger in the opposite direction . The main aim to reform the economy , will be lost and will wither away, if it is not handled  effectively..

The nations have to weigh the situation ,not globally, but according to their considerations, U.S has to resolve the severity , by ushering frugality, cutting on wasteful expenditure and attentively scrutinising the  Fortune 500 companies, which wallow in fraud and misappropriation, and which exhibit little transparency.

The BRIC Nations, Brazil, Russia,India and China have to peep into their newly acquired growth and moderate accordingly. These emerging super powers have also been hampered by the Global fall out. India and China ,with teeming population and outsourcing prowess ,have to streamline their capacity to suit the fresh scenario and tailor the ir skill  to suit the depressed economy . In short , limitless  fall upon on U.S and other countries should be curtailed and they should emerge self sufficient and self adequate. Exporting their intelligence should be minimised and they should decipher a practical schedule to confine their working  within their limitation.

Self relaince should be the  driving motivation

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Defying Nature.

Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her-calls Wordsworth.

Man defies the beauteous forms, wrestles against the purity of nature, embitters the sensation sweet and plays discordantly to dispel the music of humanity.

Nature ,constitutes the whole system of exixtence,forces and events of the physical world that are not controlled by human beings.When the mortals to overpower it , inconvenience, intemperance, and incoherence sets in.

The phenomenn of natural consequence gets jolted , gets arrested and gets thawarted  by man’s interference.

The unmindful felling of trees, the irrational destruction of forests, the unthinkable array of construction, the unlawful  high raised buildings, have resulted in a chaotic disturbance to nature.  These prologues have affected the climate, have messed up the rains,have led to eruption. Man stands at fault.

The designs of nature are also rubbed unnecessarily by us. Taking pills to postpone mensturation,adopting birth control techniques,consuming tablets to restore youth,to stimulate vibrancy ,will put us in a fix. Fatal disease ,like cancer will unassumingly creep into the system and play a havoc . Man , once again ,errs.

 Chemical ffertiliser and manure do play a crucial role  in the  deterioration of the fields directly, and in the depreciation of health indirectly.. The fertility of the land is increased manifold by the application of such fertilisers, but the unusual fecundity depletes the soil and makes it a sordid land bereft of  glow and growth.

Consuming the vegetables, fruits, and grains subjugated to such predicament of treatment, poisons the human machination and falters the immunity. The system gets exposed to unreliable ,unwanted folios and suffers extreme pain and exorbitant impeachment.

Nature blesses the one, who adores her, who do not cross her, and who do not antagonise her.

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Obama’s Main Target

Getting elected to the Presidency is  easier than performing as a President.

Elections  are an expression  of hope, and expectation.We elect a person with the anticipation, that he will perform well, work out the procedures with skill and handle technical details in finances with high prowess.

In elections we have a choice, to cast a vote to a person with high capacity ,elated intelligence and leading tenacity.

The elected represntative  has to moderate every paraphernalia of dictum, every corners of society, every nuances in governance, every affronted credentials in finance, every conceivable acknowledgements in economics, every proactive theories in science, every systematic appraisals in environment, every reactive preferences in society, every probable reformation in education,and every required rehearsals in infrastructure.

The President of United States  has to probe , not merely glance ,into all the sections of  administration, before he could emerge with a winning resolution..

The task ahead of him , may apparently look hard, difficult and mind wracking, but  virtually a sensible devolution is plausible, if Obama tries a litte hard ,to go deep into the problem.It is not as scaring ,and as loathsome , but provides a well defined  background.

It is easy to goad a totally  defunct  economy, than a partially  afflicted idea logy. The economy of U.S. is practically a zero. Banks failed  every Friday, and continue to fall ,for the past eight months. Auto companies  are in a pathetic state. Housing is a fiasco. Tech companies are slowly falling. Much harm has been done

Obama ,has to infest a sweeping direction ,by controlling the tainted executives, by regulating broking firms, by scrutinising investment banking with a  thorough check, spotting Madoff like frauds, and subscribing to frugality and modesty.

Small corrections will usher  large productive evolutions, and manifest an amazing solution.

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Can You Measure?

Can you measure?

The fathom of the mind,

The depth of the heart,

The magnitude of  desire..

The incorrigibility of fraud,

The impudence of deceit,

The garishness of self conceit,

The appetite of gluttony

The hideousness of sorcery,

The indulgence of arrogance,

The invigoration of warfare,

The circumvention of  imposture

The velocity of greed,

The solemenity of grace ,

The vicissitude of environment,

The  despondency of the vagrant,

The repertoire of intelligence,

Nay , not , I presume.

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The Peculiarities Of Life.

Life  is a rare gift .Living it fully,experiencing its values, rationalising its concept,and relinquishing from the ideals of it needs practice and  training.

Happiness at one instance, misery at another occurrence, contentment at one situation, dissatisfaction at another level,enthusiasm at one stage,fatigue at another background, make us ponder, hamper our progress and throw us out of balance.

Success and prosperity make us joyous.The sway is so abrasive, that at times we forget modesty and behave in a most peculiar manner ,as though we are the top king pins.

Stress and strain leave us disoriented.The blow  is too violent ,that it specifically batters our inspiration ,and we move about as though we are the most afflicted humans.

The excitement and disappointment keep on butting in  continue to cross our lives ,systematically check our frantic allegations , and inconceivably restrict our process of existence.

Leveraging the pros and cons of the peculiar syndrome of  life, we have to propound a valid report, a serene appraisal and a minimum exertion to acquaint ourselves with the quandary of survival.

The withdrawal of these acrobatic ups and downs will render our life monotonous, will confirm our supremacy at one extent ,and condole our deterioration at another  end.

The evenly poised themes ,the connivance  of glee and sadness , the simple and hard, the regular and irregular, the rise and fall ,the upheaval and the down-pressed will make the existence  meaningful, more attractive and most sublime. The essential quality of the human mind is revealed in the eccentricity of the range bound  peculiarity.

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The software Hype.

Last decade saw a leap and a hike . Leap was predominant. Hike was unbelievable.Yet there it was very much in black and white.

The word software was a mantra much chanted, much raved about and much admired.If you are a software professional , then you are  a highly placed individual, earning  in six figures, and have an inflated ego .You command a a respect in society.

Commerce , science and literature  were pushed into  oblivion. Commerce became a subject for  clerks and lower ranked officers. Study of science would make you a teacher or at the maximum you rise up to  the status of a Professor, and languages give you no value.

Software grew up as a wonder ware. It attracted many young minds, not for the interest it proposed , but for the money it promised.It did pay as per the  trust, and did advance more prospective discernment.

Of late ,the over enthusiastic  tech savy  aspirants are disappointed by the economic downturns. This phenomenon has reduced the outsourcing formulas and programming assignments.In turn , there is a large scale job displacement, and larger wage reduction.The software companies have felt the jolt and  many are in the verge of closing down. The swift wealth  acquired ,has lead them  to plausible well being and impossible fudging and rigging.Their outlook has undergone a massive superficial alteration. They speak money, think money and breathe money.  The abnormal salary and wages have rendered them super humans, thoroughly away from idealism ,  closely into materialism.

 A mercenary minded breed has been evolved by  the new found technology. This branded genre has lost the human values, has deviated from prescribed norms, and worked towards flaw in character and flayed towards transitory peripherals.

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So Called Big Shots.

Satyam’s fraudulent saga started off with a mild  twitter, developed into a harsh manoeuvre, and culminated into a huge disaster.The corporate world  is rocked by the eruptions and corruptions.

The whole episode was  a high drama, unbelievable, yet  cannot be disregarded, contemptuous, yet cannot be   neglected, but  the startling catastrophe has left us dumbfounded and shaken.

Ramalinga Raju is not the only one  with a tag of a fraud in the corporate world. He has many  co parceners and coagulant deceivers who are still to be exposed. Exposed they may be, but  they try to sit pretty over the crimes ,cheats, and deceits, putting up a gleeful countenance, professing a good samartian prima facia,and moving about with imperial gleam and decorum.

The Southern Petro chemicals , called as SPIC, the gigantic fertiliser company down South India, is a bag of such ,, fraudelent devices, misappropriation of funds,  severe   digressions, untoward manipulation and unexpected scheming.

SPIC, owes Rs 2845 crore to a consortium of 30 Banks.  It is alarming and apprehensive, at the same time.The CEO , Annamalai Chidambaram Muthiah , had been the President of Federation of Indian chamber of Commerce., President of Board of  control for cricket for India, a best race horse owner,had been a member of Prime Minister’s Advisory council on trade matters.His qualifications may extend to a lengthy draft, but they failed to impress his Bankers.

His companies are in red. The Mercantile Credit Coporation , a much ebullient finance company was wound up ,because of mismanagement by his son Ashwin Muthiah and son in law Jawahar Vadivelu. The funds were discreetly transferred to private coffers, the depositors were thrown out without mercy. The arbitration ended in a miserable fiasco.

Spic ,with its baffling loan poses a depressing dilemma to the financial institutions. The Big Shot  is trying to alienate his properties,  driving hard to change the prime lands in his name to the custody of his spouse, thus eluding the deadly grasp of the Banks, tribunals and Private bodies.

Ramalinga Raju can be commended for his disclosure.  A.C. Muthiah can be applauded for his concealment.