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The Economy As It Looks.

The economy looks pretty sour,and badly out of shape.To resurrect economy and make it moving ,we have to take steps severe.

The stimulus package announced by various countries ,seem to project the much debated economy to a prospering eventuality.But the apparent show ,may be eye catchy from one angle, but heart rending from another orbit.

The failed companies have been addressed by the cohesive modalities of the bail out theory. The sinking , ,the almost dead business ,have been  taken up by the rescue outfits and have been offered with extra funds and other procedural aid to retrieve them from the bolt.Many formulas have been worked out to dispel unemployment, which is on the increase. Medical facilities  are to be expanded, infrastructure will be extended and educational amenities will get a glamorous agenda.The spontaneous supervision and stability prone circumventions will encourage the otherwise down trend economy . Many will find employment in the newly structured prologues.

Downsizing the economy by proposed tax cuts and refusal to yield to developmental advocacy’s will lead to disaster.Propositions with feverish rantings ,and projects with negative implications  will pull the trigger in the opposite direction . The main aim to reform the economy , will be lost and will wither away, if it is not handled  effectively..

The nations have to weigh the situation ,not globally, but according to their considerations, U.S has to resolve the severity , by ushering frugality, cutting on wasteful expenditure and attentively scrutinising the  Fortune 500 companies, which wallow in fraud and misappropriation, and which exhibit little transparency.

The BRIC Nations, Brazil, Russia,India and China have to peep into their newly acquired growth and moderate accordingly. These emerging super powers have also been hampered by the Global fall out. India and China ,with teeming population and outsourcing prowess ,have to streamline their capacity to suit the fresh scenario and tailor the ir skill  to suit the depressed economy . In short , limitless  fall upon on U.S and other countries should be curtailed and they should emerge self sufficient and self adequate. Exporting their intelligence should be minimised and they should decipher a practical schedule to confine their working  within their limitation.

Self relaince should be the  driving motivation