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The Peculiarities Of Life.

Life  is a rare gift .Living it fully,experiencing its values, rationalising its concept,and relinquishing from the ideals of it needs practice and  training.

Happiness at one instance, misery at another occurrence, contentment at one situation, dissatisfaction at another level,enthusiasm at one stage,fatigue at another background, make us ponder, hamper our progress and throw us out of balance.

Success and prosperity make us joyous.The sway is so abrasive, that at times we forget modesty and behave in a most peculiar manner ,as though we are the top king pins.

Stress and strain leave us disoriented.The blow  is too violent ,that it specifically batters our inspiration ,and we move about as though we are the most afflicted humans.

The excitement and disappointment keep on butting in  continue to cross our lives ,systematically check our frantic allegations , and inconceivably restrict our process of existence.

Leveraging the pros and cons of the peculiar syndrome of  life, we have to propound a valid report, a serene appraisal and a minimum exertion to acquaint ourselves with the quandary of survival.

The withdrawal of these acrobatic ups and downs will render our life monotonous, will confirm our supremacy at one extent ,and condole our deterioration at another  end.

The evenly poised themes ,the connivance  of glee and sadness , the simple and hard, the regular and irregular, the rise and fall ,the upheaval and the down-pressed will make the existence  meaningful, more attractive and most sublime. The essential quality of the human mind is revealed in the eccentricity of the range bound  peculiarity.