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Buffet -Loads Of Money

Buffet hammers on the most driest business,as he has limitless cash,which leads him to eternity.

He has put more than 20 billion to work last year.,while most investors panicked .

His Barclay’s investment  has purchased 80% of Israel’s metal cutting tool manufacturer Iscar metalworking company for 4 billion.It invested 4.5 billion in  Marmon Holdings, and3 billion in Dow chemicals.

He exploded when the stock markets became weak. He is a sure guide for long term funding, and many take his lead.He took a hasty move when he subscribed to Goldman sachs and General Electric.The shares have come down by 30%. Invest he may in recession, buy  he may buy stocks of loss  making companies, stand out he may when the rest were intrigued, Buffet is still a mortal, prone to weakness and rash judgements.

Buffet is a fine take, but  his strategies kindle awe.He  has tonnes of money, he can take risk. He is a predicament, a phenomenon,a hero , hard to imitate, difficult to follow. He is his own reward.No recipie go to make this man .