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Frenzied Activity With Immense Happiness.

Unusually , today , I was in midst of bustling programmes. Mostly , my life style  is most simple, hardly any outdoor chores, no domestic duties , just reading, writing  with music on the background.

My domestic staff, who are with me for nearly a decade, took a holiday, to celebrate Pongal. The kitchen ,which was for some time away from my control ,had to be attended to, as I had to prepare breakfast, and the Pongal, with all the alibis relating to it.

I woke up early in he morning. Skipping my appointment with the newspapers, I dashed into the  kitchen. I had to make a thorough study of everything there, as I had neglected it for long. Surveying the area , I was into the job. Cutting vegetables, preparing chutney and the soft idlis for breakfast, putting kolam in the Pooja , and in the courtyard, to keep Pongal. I was three in one. I was in the kitchen , in the court yard and attending the regular phone calls. Within two hours , everything was done. I arranged for the Pooja. My husband reminded me of the visit to the temple. I  hopped into the car, and had a darshan of Goddess Meenakshi.

The pooja at home was over with much modesty. We had a sumptuous feast.  It has come to a gala finish , I thought, but no the most hard pressed job was  still awaiting , that of cleaning the vessels and  clearing the mess.My heart sank, my knees gave a shooting pain, my body was too much exhausted.But still, I had to accomplish the chore. So did  I.

I moved back to my reclining chair . I was about to doze off, when I got a message that two of my projects have been approved and I am into certain prospective clientele.

The reward  was extremely satisfying and the physical exertion though lurking,had subsided  to a tolerable level.

It was a beautiful day.