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Furniture Then And Now

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Beauty is in all things.

Furniture add charm to  a house. It is the sofas, divans, the dining table , matching chairs, and cots add charm to the house,  which is otherwise a mere concrete structure.They personalise the house thus the word Home is acquired.

House denote a place of living. Home brings in the intensity of the living, the effervescence of life, the beauty is translated.

The furniture in a house reveal the mind of the possessor. It is not the money which shows your self. It is the taste, rather the chaste choice, the discreet selection, bring out the style in you.

A living room ,reflects the aesthetic sense of the occupier. The intricate designed settees, the matching centre table and the fitting flower decor brought a glow to the environ. The gleaming rosewood, the sparkling teak , or the majestic oak were carved and made into impressive sofas. They had a lovely upholstery which gave a grand portrayal. The dining table and chairs were equally royal and exhibited great elegance and style. The cots had a floral pattern encarved  in the bedsteads,and the fine wardrobes  displayed a fineness and grace.

Now these excellent art pieces have given way to plastic chairs and tables, compressed wood  articles-and wrought iron furniture,  which are easy to dismantle, easy to manage, easy to buy, because they are not expensive,easy to transport.

All these easiness are manifolded , but they lack the only one exclusive trait-beauty, little modified , homeliness. The new found are commercial and lack the cosy warmth that exudes in the wooden furniture.

The latest furniture are also not Eco friendly. They pose a threat to environment. They are not degradable, not digestible by earth. They are a perennial source of harm and disaster.

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Setting Right The Economy

Economy has to be put in place. It is to be nourished back to health. The viability lies not in the stimulus package, nor in the atonement of bureaucracy, but in the sincere attempt to live honestly ,and eschew greed and ostentation.

Little is seen in this direction , the world over.

Corrupt officials , who had initiated the current crisis , by their flawed techniques  are not given a jolt , instead  are enfolded in the new curriculum.This has to be taken care off. Call a spade a spade. Do not succumb to choices and favouritism.

Big corporates ridicule ethical governance. They adopt feverish courses to project an attractive balance sheet. Their profit and loss statements are the result of the fertile imagination of their accountants. To keep them as models, the governments freely hand over loans and guarantees. The genuine firms  are  back tracked and penalised, for preserving austerity and soberity. This mode of application  has to be removed from the economical scenario. There should be a clear  distinction between real and unreal, original an fake , fact and fiction.

An integral solution to the mess ,is an impartial inspection and a candid progression to cleanse the rituals of gross impediments and castigate the wrong doers.

The current economy  manifests ,that the more you are corrupt ,the more you are insincere, the more you are in scandals , the most you win ,the most you reap , the most you thrive, and the most you wallow in wealth.

This momentum has to be arrested. This impish practicals have to be deleted . A strong government has to  assume charge to dispel and drive the gross illegal implications.